Inplant Report on Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Guided By: Prof. R. K. Priya

Presented By: Swami V. R. Mishra Roll No. MB201052

Learning how to discuss with the fellow teammates.. • Develop an understanding about the Culture of an organization & thereby molding myself to a corporate being. • In partial fulfillment of MBA Curriculum. determination of Quantitative Objectives and share with the workers. .Objective of the study • To understand the practical aspects of the Theory relevant to Organizational Functioning. Learning how to inform about the plant daily progress. documentation of the analyzed problem. • Experiencing how to diagnose a problem in the company.

 Its merger of Hindustan Aircraft Limited with Aeronautics India Limited and Aircraft Manufacturing Depot.HAL: At a Glance  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) came into existence on 1st October 1964.  Late Seth Walchand Hirachand set up Hindustan Aircraft Limited at Bangalore in association with the erstwhile princely State of Mysore in December 1940  The Government of India became a shareholder in March 1941 and took over the Management in 1942. . Kanpur.

Sales for 2009-10 (prov.500 Employees ISO-9001 & AS-9100 Certifications 11451 crs.Premier Aerospace Company in Southeast Asia Fully owned by Govt of India 19 Production & 10 R&D Centres 34.) .

MISSION "To become a globally competitive aerospace industry while working as an instrument for achieving self-reliance in design. vibrant. VISION "To make HAL a dynamic. managing the business on commercial lines in a climate of growing professional competence ". value-based learning organization with human resources exceptionally skilled. manufacture and maintenance of aerospace defense equipment and diversifying to related areas. . highly motivated and committed to meet the current and future challenges. This will be driven by core values of the Company fully embedded in the culture of the Organization".

Services by HAL .

HAL Lucknow Division • Accessories Division of HAL was established in 1970 • Objective of manufacturing systems and accessories for various aircraft and engines • 94. Hydraulics. Engine Fuel System. Electronic items • Manufacturing the same range of accessories for MiG series of aircraft. Electrical System items. Undercarriages. Gyro & Barometric Instruments. International Jaguar and repair / overhaul of Mirage-2000 & Sea-Harrier accessories .000sqm of built area • Over 1100 different types of accessories • Manufacturing various Systems and Accessories viz. Air-conditioning and Pressurization.



Departments in HAL Lucknow Human Resource Finance Purchase Production Quality assurance .

Indian Coast Guard receives 100th Dornier. the Indian Space Research Organization. complemented by its state-of-the-art and comprehensive infrastructure. • 2011: 5 ALHs were given to Army Avn Corps. Advanced Light Helicopter. manufacturing processes. . PSLV. Defense Research & Development organization etc. • The Division's products have been used in vital areas such as the Light Combat Aircraft. aero engines and accessories. Jaguar and Main Battle Tank. • The Accessories Division is proud of the company it keeps delighted customers include divisions of HAL manufacturing aircraft. GSLV.Performance of the Organization • The Division is one of the few units in the world to be acknowledged for its diverse and wide range of products. ALH (Dhruv) certified to level D by DGCA. Golden Jubilee of Marut's (HF-24) first flight celebrated. Handed over one Cheetah to Namibia.

05% 11.22% 15.45% 14.12% 13.Financial Highlights Rupees in Crores Growth over Particulars Sales VOP Profit before tax 2008-09 10373 11811 2335 1740 2638 2009-10 Previous Year 11457 13490 2688 1967 2934 10.22% Profit after tax Gross Block .

-Last but not the least. -HAL maintain timely delivery of goods and services.SWOT Analysis Strength . Brand name of HAL. . -It’s monopoly in overhauling of Industrial and Marine Gas Turbines of higher capacity. -They have good testing facilities for all the Engines they produce and Overhaul. Weakness .Decision making process is prolonged due to the hierarchical nature of the organization. .Highly skilled and competitive workforce. .HAL Lucknow lacks Research and development facility & hence lacks innovation as a perennial function.Quality of the product is highly appreciable.

-Demand may increase further due to the increased demand from the 44 military ship programs around the world. -Reliance oil and corporation has plans to increase their production by increasing the no. raw-materials etc. Threat -International competitor is a major threat. -Demand for the power is increasing around the world so this serves as an opportunity of industrial gas turbines. at the Godavari basin. . This will give power for more production.SWOT Analysis Opportunity -Tata power is planning to setup more power producing plants this serves HAL (SUNABEDA) as an opportunity for easy access to inputs.

which resulted in an increase in cash/bank balance.  HAL is being showing consistent growth prospective and there has been constant rise in HAL profit year after year.  Company annual sales turnover of Rs.  HAL does not approach the customer instead it waits for the customer to come to it.11. .457crores during the Financial Year 200910 and to see it reach enviable heights in the future.  Company got advance from the Government of India.Findings  HAL among the public sector aeronautical industries claim to be the best and which is true due to lack of capable competition.  Since its products are priced higher than other players in the field so it thinks that those who can afford its products will automatically approach it.

the HAL Accessories Division.  Officers should be promoted only on the basis of performance and not on the basis of number of years worked.  Employees should be included in brainstorming and also should be given liberty and non-monetary incentives as appreciation.  The time delay between rising of purchase order and preparation of RDR should be reduced. So.Recommendations  The organization can arrange the training programs department wise in order to give focused attention towards the departmental. so as to improve its efficiency in managing work. . Lucknow has to be strict to its debtors by reducing the credit period allowed. That is the collection period is more than the required.  The division is facing a problem of liquidity due to the reason that the payment to be received from the debtors is not realized in the time.  Wages to direct workers should be given through piece rate system.

Learning's from SIP  It helped me to understand the concept of Career Planning and its implementation in the organization.  The Key findings and analysis will be helpful to them for provide better services to customers.  This helps in combing theory with practice.  This project helped me understand my area of interest in the organization. This project will ease them to remove unwanted steps.  This is an insight into the application of managerial theories. .  It will help the organization to focus on available resources for sales and promotion of their products.  I got to know the work culture in government company. which increase their time and work.

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