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Quick Stats from Year One 135 Athletes participated in the 2012 BSN Collegiate Showcase. 500+ fans, scouts, agents and family members attended the event. Over 25 Small School Athletes have been provided professional contracts, workouts and opportunities! Official website for the 2013 BSN Collegiate Showcase: Video Highlights from the 2012 BSN Collegiate Showcase:

NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPONSORSHIP Have your brand, link and logo shown on: (our web show!) Set up a booth to promote your company Promote your company in ways that benefit your needs! Sponsor one of many events such as: 40 yard Dash Vertical Jump Broad Jump Pro Shuttle Drill 3 Cone Drill Individual position drills 1 v 1s 7 v 7s All Star Games (2013 Trailer) (2012 Highlights) (Kicking Highlights) (WR's v DB's) (Linemen) (LB's v TE's) Full video can be found at

*Your brand will be seen in person, in the video and all highlight videos purchased and promoted by the athletes!
Sponsor the BSN Offense or Defense for the All Star Games Interested in a Sponsorship? Call us today at 703.755.0276


The best event and opportunity for select athletes to showcase their abilities in multiple settings while allowing professional scouts and coaches evaluate talent. Takes place at the University of Akron Stile Field House. Event takes place March 8th-10th. Can host 1,000 1,250 fans/spectators. Top athletes from the FCS, Division II, III, and NAIA levels are selected by BSN and outside scouts. Combine drills (speed, agility, jumping, and strength) Measurements, position drills, 1 on 1s, and 7 on 7 & All Star Game. BSN provides athletes with transportation to and from the Akron airport, hotel stay, meals, jersey, apparel, and all events are filmed. The Stile Athletic Field House facility features a full 120-yard AstroPlay practice field, 300-meter Mondo track, strength and conditioning center, sports medicine center, indoor golf facility, football locker rooms, coaches' offices, team meeting space and spectator seating for 1,200.


BSN scouts athletes from over 600 college/universities from the FCS, D2, D3, and NAIA Athletes of the Week, Divisional All American Lists, and Mock Draft provided by BSN showcase athletes from the FCS, D2, D3 and NAIA levels. Beyond the Sidelines web show promotes players, programs and partners through web driven shows. More camaraderie among players/fans at non FBS schools. Bigger stories for those who make it to the NFL/CFL from these levels. Fans more likely to follow athletes from alumni conferences/leagues. Nationwide appeal to follow small school players and programs. Event provides nonstop action for 2.5 days: * Combine & Testing * 1 v 1's * 7 v 7 's * All Star Game Unique stories revolve around athletes, staff, Big 10 officials, & programs Contact BSN today to support these athletes! 703.755.0276


Sports networking and media company that houses and features player data and film from the Division I (FBS), Division IAA (FCS), II, III, and NAIA collegiate levels. Sports Social Network where students and athletes can promote their abilities and protect their identities. Athletes promote themselves and are featured through network sports profiles, radio interviews, print interviews, rankings, and BSN football events. Over 500 athletes have tested in BSN events in the past 2 years. 300+ have gone pro. Coaches and scouts from every professional league have relied on BSN to find players for their upcoming seasons or for active roster spots vacated due to injury or player cuts. Since 2007 multiple Beyond Sports Network members have reached the National Football League, Canadian Football League, United Football League, Arena Football League, and other indoor professional football levels. Beyond Sports Network has exclusive social network sites dedicated to the high school, college, and professional levels. BSN staff and strategic partners include former athletes that have played or scouted at every level of football.


Appeal to Local, Regional and National Markets. Opportunity to network with fans and players on site and in person. Opportunity to promote and sell your brand, products and services and wide variety groups through BSN; youth, high school, college, pro, parents, fans, etc. BSN is changing how small school athletes, up and coming coaches/scouts, and even referees are being marketed or offered job opportunities. Beyond the Sidelines web show continually showcases athletes, coaches and more from these collegiate levels. BSN markets and promotes the BSN Collegiate Showcase on a national scale. BSN has developed relationships with universities and professional teams from coast to coast. College athletes have signed professional contracts with the NFL and CFL levels due to this event, which are constantly focusing more eyes, nationally and internationally, on where these athletes are being showcased along with the great opportunities BSN is providing. BSN Executives will work with you to provide creative ideas on how to promote your brand, your products or your services. These can take place in person at the facility, through the web, through media opportunities, or in ways that you believe to be more appropriate to your needs. Companies and brands can grow with the next big thing developing in the post collegiate and professional football environment.


Timing of event takes place right after NFL Combine. Close location to Indianapolis where the combine takes place. Close proximity for players from smaller colleges. Indoor facility that can accommodate 1,200 Fans. Results and Video can be displayed through BSN Technology & Networks. More athletes from smaller colleges are playing and making an impact at pro football levels. Ability to gather and showcase the best talent available from the FCS, D2, D3, and NAIA levels. Athletes from smaller colleges do not have an event this large to attend outside the NFL combine. An event that allows coaches, scouts, and general managers from every pro league to attend. An event that gives pro scouts the right tools and opportunity to evaluate talent exclusive to the FCS, D2, D3, & NAIA. The top talent that will attend the BSN Collegiate showcase draw coaches, scouts, and general managers from every professional league (11 attended in 2012). BSN is the only company that has the experience and understands the needs of athletes, coaches, general managers, and fans.



The invited athletes will participate in an NFL style combine. These athletes will be put through combine tests in the 40-yard dash, short shuttle, L Drill, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, and Bench Press.

These athletes will also compete in position drills, one-on-one, and a 7-on-7 series in helmets and shoulder pads in order to keep the athlete protected.

The game will give pro scouts the ability to further evaluate the players abilities in a Game setting. This will be a controlled game where athletes will be guaranteed to receive between 24 and 48 repetitions at their position.

BSN provides every collegiate athlete the opportunity to create an exclusive profile that can house all the necessary information, stats and video to promote to the pro levels. No other combine, company or all star game provide the athlete an all inclusive package.

The BSN Collegiate Showcase the perfect opportunity for your organization to showcase its brand through the promotion of products and services. We offers companies the ability to network and reach a wide demographic of fans, players, coaches, scouts and executives throughout the course of our event and after the event through our exclusive sports network and the website Sponsorship packages are available to leverage the BSN Collegiate Showcase opportunities that will present local, regional and national value. Our unique and exclusive showcase appeals to fans, players, coaches, scouts, colleges and professional teams & leagues nationwide! BSN welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about the sponsorship levels available in the next slide. BSN is always open to new ideas on how your company or organization might benefit from our event. If you would like the ability to work with the BSN Collegiate Showcase or even have an idea that is not listed below, contact us at or call us at 703.755.0276


We, at BSN, appreciate your interest in the 2013 BSN Collegiate Showcase. We have a number of ways to promote and advertise your company. THE BSN COLLEGIATE SHOWCASE MEDIA GUIDE (Electronic Guide - Download from internet) $375 Full Page Ad (Covers 1 Athletes Fees see below) $200 Half Page Ad $125 Quarter Page Ad SPONSORSHIP $375 - Full Page Ad in Media Guide, Link and Logo on Showcase website and, Banner at BSN Collegiate Showcase, and displayed on Jumbo tron, and 2 complimentary weekend tickets (3 days). $750 - Benefits listed above plus Booth at BSN Collegiate Showcase, link and logo displayed on All Videos from Showcase (in 2012 we uploaded over 27 hours worth of video to our YouTube page), and 4 complimentary weekend tickets (3 days).. 1,500 - Benefits listed above plus Game Jersey Signed by players, and 8 complimentary weekend tickets (3 days). $2,500 Benefits listed above plus Sponsor of the (choices: Kicking Showcase, Combine, Position Drills (5 avail), and 10 complimentary weekend tickets (3 days). $5,000 - Benefits listed above plus Announcement of Official Game Sponsor (game takes place on Sunday), invitation to eat meals with players on Friday Night and Saturday Night (Max 4 People), Speaking Address to Athletes 10 minute talk on Friday Nights Dinner, and 20 complimentary weekend tickets (3 days). Marketing Director: Dave Lowman Senior Vice President D7 Sports Marketing 804.512.3967

TITLE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY $60,000 (Sponsors all athletes that attend the Showcase)
As our exclusive sponsor, your brand will be the only commercial partner linked to all BSN Collegiate Showcase events including pre and post event marketing and all branding. BENEFITS: - Brand name is added to the title of the BSN Collegiate Showcase.

i.e. The Brand X BSN Collegiate Showcase

- 30 Complimentary VIP tickets to all BSN Collegiate Showcase events @ hotel & facility. - 4 Complimentary hotel rooms at the Official Hotel of the Showcase participants and staff. - Acknowledgment of your sponsorship will appear on all related press releases. (pre and post event) - Banners displayed throughout event, at Hotel and branding on Beyond the Sidelines web shows. - Chance to meet, dine, and interact with all showcase participants, coaches, staff. - Logo on all publicity material including marketing brochures, emails, forms and press releases, videos. - Inclusion of company/brand information on all media/videos/highlights/DVD's produced from event. - Video of Sponsor Message on BSN Collegiate Showcase website, and a Speaking Address to all athletes on Friday Nights Dinner 1 hour max talk. -Link/Logo added to website, and Beyond the Sidelines web shows. -Suggest an option that better suits your needs.


Jimmy Kibble

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Evans

Chief Operating Officer Director of Scouting

Eric Galko

Erik Dolan
Scouting Consultant

Kerry Gibbs

Brian Skinnell
Director of Media and PR

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