Company Brief - An ‘Integrated Broiler Production’ entity that links Breeding, Nutrition, Farming, Processing & Marketing of commercial poultry. - Achieved turnover growth of Rs 65cr (FY 2005/06) with expected closing of Rs 80cr (FY2006/07) - over a 15 year span - from humble beginnings of Rs 1.5cr (FY1990/91).

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Rs in Crores .Company Turnover 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 FY33 /33 FY00 /00 FY00 /00 FY00 /00 FY00 * /00 *Est.

000 tonnes per month.ft. . plus two feed plants on term contract basis at Bhiwandi (Thane) and Talegaon (Pune).000 breeders on integration basis at United Hatcheries.30-acre Breeding Farm with 1 lakh sq.State-of-the-art Hatchery project over 6-acres (75000 hatching eggs per week) at Poynad (Alibag) plus 3 hatcheries on term contract basis (2 lakh hatching eggs per week). Hyderabad. .Asset Profile .Hi-tech Pelletised Feed Plant over 3.5-acres at Poynad (Raigad) with current run of 3.000 breeders plus 40. . space for 50.

enabling Mumbai market centric production and processing.Asset Profile . . .000 chicks spread over Konkan and Pune regions.500 Commercial Broiler Farms of capacities ranging from 1000 to 35.5-acre land holding at Sutarwadi. Roha (Raigad) with plans to create a poultry meat processing plant.

Business Development. Technical. Maintainence Supported by 8 veterinary doctors. Purchase. .Human Capital The Board of Directors. working in different functions and levels. with focus on poultry health. Quality Control Dr Shyam Dhawan (BVSc & AH) – Poultry Expert Technical. who are also the founding partners. Dr Girish Kolwankar (MVSc & AH) – Poultry Expert Production. Procurement DR Neil Dalgado (BSc& AH) – Agro Component Stockist & Trader Projects. consists of Senior Veterinarians and Poultry Traders. 25 managerial staff and 300 workers. Administration Mr Arun Gulati (BCom) – Agro Produce Stockist & Trader Finance.

Business Model .

Product Development 6. Brand Development 4. Future Funding 2. Feed Mill Expansion 5. BIRD FARMING 7. Hatchery Outlay 8.Integration Planning BACKWARD INTEGRATION 1. Grandparent Import FORWARD INTEGRATION 10. Retail Store Plan 3. Parent Population 9. PROCESSING PLANT .

9 lakh chicks / 80. FEED MILL EXPANSION: Optimize usage of existing pelletised feed mill capacity to 6000 tonnes per month. .<< < Backward Integration Insight (2008) >> > 1. with expanded godown area. HATCHERY OUTLAY: Increased Multi-location Incubation of 5 lakh hatching eggs per week.25 lakh chicks. from current run of 3500 tonnes. 2.000 parents). through one owned and three contract establishments). GRANDPARENT IMPORT: Original breed grandparents can assure True Blood Line and reduce per chick price by Rs. 3. 2. in sync with parent population capacity (Present capacity being 2. PARENT POPULATION: Increased capacity of 2 lakh Broiler Breeder Parents. 4. will enable upto 16 lakh chicks per month (Present Capacity .

Ratnagiri/Goa) Placement Upto 9 lakh chicks Integrated Farm Area 25 lakh sq ft Proposed Scenario – Reach 10 branches in 6 zones* (Thane. Sindhudurg. with increased share in . Pune. Raigad. Pune. Raigad.<< < Backward Integration Insight (2008) 5. Goa) Placement Upto 16 lakh chicks Integrated Farm Area 40 lakh sq ft *Existing Markets to be further consolidated. BIRD FARMING (END PRODUCT INPUT) >> > Current Scenario – Reach 8 branches in 4 zones (Thane. Nasik.

16 lakh birds per week Processed Poultry Meat Self-owned Retail Outlets. Proposed Scenario – Supply Size Supply Type Supply Sector Proposed Infrastructure – Fully automatic bird culling and poultry meat processing plant with a slaughter capacity of 50.000 birds per day. PROCESSING PLANT (END PRODUCT OUTPUT) Current Scenario – Supply Size Supply Type Supply Sector 9 lakh birds per week Live Birds Wholesale Traders.<< < >> > Forward Integration Insight (2008) 6. Multi Location Shops. Superstores. Hypermarkets. . F&B Operators.

Packaging and Storage. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Developing finished product line of poultry meat. the company would scout for an MNC collaboration and raise IPO (Initial Public Offer) funds. Invest in facilities like Food Processing. 9. FUTURE FUNDING: Once recognised by consumers. distributed all over Mumbai. in sync with consumer demand. The same will be further branded as poultry meat locations. for a multi-state footprint. 8.<< < >> > Forward Integration Insight (2008) 7. RETAIL STORE MAP: Start a chain of 25 Retail Outlets and 15 Manned Vending Kiosks. 10. . BRAND DEVELOPMENT: Create product recognition by branding and promoting it’s Ready-to-cook Dressed Chicken and Value Added (Table Meat) products.

Near possibility of ban to cull and dress live chicken in city limits. Rising demand for dressed/processed poultry meat in the Middle East and Far East. Established growth in consumption of animal protein due to change in food habits and increased affordability. 2.) and food chains are entering the Indian F&B sector in a big way. Value-added products (McDonald. Vietnam. Increased entry of processed food majors is expected due to boom in the organised retail sector. which is presently catered by developing country suppliers like Thailand.Business Opportunity 1. 4. KFC etc. 3. 5. . due to public health and hygiene concerns.

Markets are ruled by sentiment and guided by media hype – like the Avian Flu case. Though good support is offered by field veterinarians. Medical and seasonal emergencies are best handled by integrators like Premium. There is no concentrated effort to combat that. The perishable nature of poultry makes it vulnerable to drastic price variations. Keeping aside minor exceptions.Business Deterrant 1. . the industry is controlled by a deep-rooted trader lobby. 2. 3. The pricing gap between cost and sale is manipulated and direct contact between farmer and consumer is almost absent. most of the semi-skilled manpower within poultry farms is trained hands-on.

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT PLAN No. (in lakhs) 700 1660 630 75 610 330 700 500 5205 . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Particulars Grandparent Operation Parent Operation Hatchery Operation Feed Mill Operation Commercial Broiler Operation Processing Plant & ValueAdded Product Manufacture Retail Operations Branding & Marketing Total Fund Outlay Est.

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