Meaning of digital image processing
• Digital :Information represented in discrete (digits) form. • Image :A reproduction of the form of a person or object . • Processing :performing a series of actions or operations on data to convert into information • DIP: The Digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing on digital images.

Functional Categories of Image Processing
• Image Restoration: used for data errors, noise, and distortions introduced during the scanning, recording. • Image Enhancement : Enhancement is the modification of an image to alter its impact on the viewer • Information Extraction : utilize computers to provide corrected and improved images for study by human interpreters.

Steps in image processing
• • • • • • • Image Acquisition Image enhancement Image Restoration Colour image Processing Wavelets Compression Segmentation

Need of image processing
• The digital image is “invisible” .it must be prepared for viewing on one or more o/p devices(laser printer, monitor etc) • The digital image can be optimized for the application by enhancing for altering the appearances of structures within it.

Application of digital image processing
• • • • • • • • • Medical applications Restorations and enhancements Digital cinema Image transmission and coding Color processing Remote sensing Robot vision Image processing architectures Video processing

• • • • • • • Pixelization Principal components analysis Independent component analysis Hidden markov models Self organizing maps Neural networks Wavelets

• Digital image proseeing made digital image can be noise free . • It can be made available in any desired format. (X-rays, photo negatives, improved image, etc) • Digital imaging is the ability of the operator to postprocess the image .It means manipulate the pixel shades to correct image density and contrast . • Images can be stored in the computer memory and easily retrieved on the same computer screen . • Digital imaging allows the electronic transmission of images to third-party providers

• The initial cost can be high depending on the system used . • If computer is crashes then pics that have not been printed and filed into Book Albums that are lost. • Digital cameras which are used for digital image processing have some disadvantages like: • Memory Card Problems • Higher Cost • Battery Consumption

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