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Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

Executive development programs

What is “Employee Development”? • Encouraging employees to acquire new or advanced skills . by providing learning and training facilities. and view points. . knowledge. and avenues where such new ideas can be applied.

What is the right strategy? Embryonic stage High growth Mature • interested in strong managers • spend a lot of time developing their intellectual capital • begin to put more limits on employee actions .

• An employee needs to be assessed for readiness to accept management responsibilities.Assessment before training & development… • Tests to evaluate intellectual ability. . the ability to draw conclusions from verbal or numerical information. and an individual's interests can help in selecting successful managers .

• knowledge makes them valuable assets for the company.What is the ROI of developing an employee? • increase productivity and contribute to the overall success of the organization. .

service. • Focus towards engaging • Leadership development HR Manager • Roles now include: to provide support.Employees-development strategies Women • Should be developed to gain competitive advantage • Training programs focusing on diversity training should be developed Older workers • Have experience and knowledge • Should be developed as in house consultants rather than planning for their retirements Youth • Just starting out in their careers • Should be given enough opportunities of developing and enhancing skills Contingent workers • Not permanent employees • Budgets for trainings should be kept in mind Senior level execs. consulting and leadership • Exposure to other functional areas to be increased .

Why provide development training? • Employee retention • Increases their job involvement • Provides learning opportunities .

interests and choices in consultation with his/her immediate superior. In this case the employee takes the lead by self-assessing skills. career. • Career Related Programs: This program is related to development of skills. generally. done in conjunction with the performance / progress review process. This is. values. and other qualifications that prepare an employee for higher positions within the Company.Example: • Berger paints: • Employee Training & Development Programme: It is the Company’s policy to provide appropriate learning opportunities to assist employees in gaining job.related skills and knowledge that will contribute to improved performance and career development. An employee’s immediate superior takes the lead by identifying developmental objectives along with corresponding action plans. . Thus there are two programs designed for the employees of Berger Paints: • Job Related Programs: This program is directly related to work assignments of the employee’s current position/ Job. knowledge.