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Chapter One

Introduction to Managerial Accounting

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010

External Users of Accounting Information

Shareholders Creditors

Potential Investors
Government Agencies (IRS, SEC, etc.)

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010

Internal Users of Accounting Information

Employees Managers

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010

Accounting Information for External Users

Guided by rules (GAAP, IFRS, tax code, etc.) Generally not flexible Historical Information Emphasis on organization as a whole

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010

Accounting Information for Internal Users

No rules, geared to specific company Flexible and timely

Forward-looking, concerned with future

Emphasis on business segments

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010

The Role of the Managerial Accountant

No Longer Bean Counters Analyze and interpret accounting information (not prepare) Assists management in the decision making process

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010

Management Activities What Managers Do

Decision Making Planning

Directing (related to operational activities)


ACG 2071 - Fall 2010

Planning Activities
Develops company objectives and goals Short-term (operational) planninggoals for less than one year Long-term (strategic) planning goals for more than one year Often use budgets and pro-forma financial statements
ACG 2071 - Fall 2010 8

Directing Activities
Decisions made by managers related to running the day to day operations of a business. Examples include preparing work schedules, purchasing decisions, pricing decisions, small decisions effecting customers, etc.
ACG 2071 - Fall 2010 9

Controlling Activities
To make sure goals are met Monitor and evaluate organizational performance Examples include performance reports which compare budgeted vs. actual information

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010


Key Concept
Never make decisions with just the numbers! Always consider non-numerical (qualitative) information.

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010


Professional Ethics in Accounting

Competence Confidentiality


ACG 2071 - Fall 2010


Total Quality Management - a

Focus on Quality
Meeting or exceeding customers expectations...

Product performs as it is intended. Product be reliable and durable. Examine business functions to eliminate defects and waste.

ACG 2071 - Fall 2009


Other Management Issues

Sarbanes-Oxley more responsibility for accuracy of financial statements. Economy shift less manufacturing, more service businesses. Issues with globalization Impact of e-commerce

ACG 2071 - Fall 2010