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Simple Present Tense ( Daily Activity)

By Yessi, S.Pd SMKN 2 Arga Makmur

What do you do every morning?

Every morning I always get up at 5 oclock. After that I go to the bath room , and then I pray, next I help my mother to sweep the floor, my mother cooks in the kitchen, then I help my father to clean his car, after finish I take a bath, I have breakfast and at 7 oclock I go to school by motorcycle. While My father goes to office at 6.30 by car because his office is far.

FORM of Simple Present tense

[VERB] + s/es in third person Examples: 1. She goes to Bali She does not go to Bali Does she go to Bali ? 2. You speak English. Do you speak English? You do not speak English.

When we use s/es in the Simple Present tense ?

1. If the sentences use the subject ( SHE, HE, IT, SARA ( name of the person) 2. If the sentences use verb ending with ( O, SS,SH,CH, X, Y ) GO GO + ES KISS KISS + ES FINISH FINISH + ES WATCH WATCH + ES FIX FIX + ES STUDY STUDI + ES PLAY PLAY + S ( EXCEPT)


1. Sara studies English every week. 2. He watches news program on TV every night. 3. My sister does her homework. 4. My father drives his new car. 5. She works in the bank. 6. Nisa comes from west Kalimantan.

If we want to make a negative and introgative sentences so we must used Do and Does

Subject They We I You Didi and Riri


Subject She He It My book Harry



1. They go to Bandung every year They do not go to Bandung every year Do they go to Bandung every year ? Yes, they do

/ No, they do not

2. She comes from west Kalimantan She does not come from west Kalimantan Does she come from west Kalimantan ? Yes, she does No, she does not

Arrange the words below to make questions.

1. she / collect / stickers 2. they / play / a game 3. the cat / sleep / in a cat's bed 4. she / often / dream 5. he /play / streetball 6. you /like / Paris 7. the pupils / wear / uniforms 8. you / go / to the cinema 9. she / have / friends 10. he / read / books -

Exercise on Negative Sentences

Make negative sentences. 1. I watch TV. 2. We play football. 3. They often clean their teeth. 4. She cleans her room. 5. You ride your bike every day. 6. Sandy takes nice photos. 7. They open the windows. 8. He buys a new CD. 9. She has a cat. 10. He often goes to the cinema.


Listen and fill in the blank !

Maria's week:
"On weekdays, I _______ up at half past seven. I ________ a shower, _______ my hair and_______ dressed. I go to school ____ car. School ________ at a quarter _______ eight. _________ is from quarter past eleven _________ quarter to twelve. School ___________ at half past two. I ________ lunch at three o'clock........."

Fill the blank with matching the word s in the box

does, goes, on, go, play, watch, has, to, has, surf Carlos' week "Every afternoon, I ____ to the gym, I also _____ with the computer, ________ tv and ________ the net. ______ Saturdays and Sundays I play basketball." Everyday, he _______ his homework and at nine o'clock he ______ a shower and ______ dinner. Then, he ______ to his bedroom to listen ____ music.

Thank you