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Industrial case study

Conducted by: Girijesh Gothriwal Himanshu Dadwani Kuriakose George Nitin Khilwani

Rahul Sharma
Sumit Kumar Under the guidance of:

Prof. Gajanan R. Nikhade

Way to The Industry

Identified particular field of Mechanical Engg. i.e. Manufacturing and Design. Decided to search for an industry located nearby which provides adequate exposure. Visited various industries associated with Manufacturing Engg. process. E.g. Plasto India (P) Ltd., Nagpur Swastik Pipes Ltd., Yavatmal Navratna Manganese Products (P) Ltd., Nagpur Moderna Plastics Ltd., Nagpur Swastik Pipes Ltd. is one of the biggest suppliers of PVC products in Maharashtra. So, we finally decided to go for it.

Name: Swastik Pipes Ltd. Year Of Establishment: 1989 Location: MIDC, Yavatmal. Type: Medium Scale Industry Annual Turnover: 12 Crores

Brief Overview

Swastik pipes Limited is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of PVC in Maharashtra. It is in the field of plastic piping business since 26 years And having own manufacturing plant since 1989 and product bearing ISI mark since 1991. The Company has a wide range of PVC Pipes and Plastic Pipes, the length of the pipes range from 4m to 6.5m.

Brief Overview

Two Single Screw Machines and two Twin Screw Machines were successfully installed initially and now the firm is equipped with 8 Twin Screw Machines.

Manufacturing Line

Manufacturing Line

Material: PVC made from Resin, Chlorine and Various Stabilizers. Mixing : Two Mixer Machines are used Heater Mixer (Operating temperature range: 100-110c) Cooler Mixer Mixers rotate at about 1440 rpm for about 8 min Powder after mixing is collected in hopper automatically Extrusion: The collected powder is heated to melt, it then goes to the feeder which is connected to the screw which pushes the raw material forward and the material is extruded at a temperature of 170c.

Manufacturing Line

Dye Head: The use of Dye head is essential to give shape to the molten powder coming from the screw. The minimum diameter of dye is about 3 cm and the process takes about 10 minutes to complete one pipe. Sizer: it is used to provide intricate and accurate shape to the pipe. In sizing of the pipe, cooling water is also used to prevent its breakage. Spraying: In spraying, spray tank prevents the blasting of the heater. Also, there are water pumps of gradually increasing size in the spray tanks which help in cooling of the pipe coming from the sizer. Turrection: It involves the suction of the pipe and helps it to move forward at a regulated speed.

Problems Identified

Excessive heating causes the heater to blast. Material wastage due to power cut. Risk involved due to generation of chlorine gas.

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