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Introducing - Mangosteen Fruit

Known as Queen of Fruits in Southeast Asia Garcinia mangostana Native to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia Asian tropical rainforests

Tree takes 12-15 years to bear fruit and 20+ years to achieve maximum yield per tree. Prized for its beauty and delicious taste

Mangosteen Profile
Harvested July through October Unique chemical properties Rich in Xanthones
Found mainly in pericarp / rind

Produces high ORAC score

Inner Fruit Historical Uses

Food Food


Mangoxan Tasting

Pericarp Historical Uses

Decoction Used to treat GI problems and urinary tract infections Topical
Skin Infections Wounds

Not a food. Why?

PFT Product Brands Mangoxan

42 PubMed References 35 refers to peel or plant extracts 5 unrelated topics 1 not listed 1 facts and myths
Mangoxan formulation based on science

Unique antioxidant compounds (polyphenols) found mainly in a specific genus of tropical fruits most abundant in mangosteen More than 40 xanthones have been identified in mangosteen Mangostin and other mangosteen xanthones are being investigated for their medicinal properties

Mangoxans Properties
Scientifically distinct for its Xanthones
What are Xanthones?
Chemical name Chemical formula Molecular mass CAS number Melting point Mangostin C24H26O6 410.45 g/mol [6147-11-1] 182 C

PFT Product Brands Mangoxan

Analysis by Independent American Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Corp. 10/07/05 (101205-1753) A comprehensive independent lab study revealed that the content of mangostin (alpha-mangostin)the dominant xanthone found in the mangosteenwas more than 2x higher than Thai-Go and 32x higher than XanGo.

Mangoxan - ORAC

Analysis by Covance Laboratories, Inc.10/07/05 (Test #5100417)

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) analysis tests the scavenging effectiveness and capacity of a product's antioxidants. As shown above, Mangoxan's ORAC score tested 45% higher than Thai-Go and 56% higher than XanGo in a recent independent lab study.

Mangoxan The Fruits

Mangosteen Puree Extract Pear Red Grape Blueberrry Red Sour Cherry Pineapple Cranberry Lychee Star Fruit

Mangoxan Additional Ingredients

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Mangosteen peel extract
Xanomax potent extract of the rine Why; how is this the whole fruit? Based on traditional formulation

High levels of antioxidants via xanthones help:
Recovery after exercise Improve energy levels Support immune system Antiviral White blood cell activity Improve digestion Support GI and urinary tract health

Commonly Asked Questions

Is this product safe? What is the serving size?
1oz/30ml 1 to 3 times daily

Diabetes, intestinal conditions, renal malfunction

Mangosteen Q & A