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Sister Calista Roy(adaptation model


By: Ara Joshelie May N Fajardo

Callista Roy. writer.Los Angeles in 1966. .BIOGRAPHY  Sr. Los Angeles in 1963.     researcher and teacher Professor and Nurse Theorist at the Boston College of Nursing in Chestnut Hill Born at Los Angeles on October 14. lecturer. and Mrs. Fabien Roy she earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in nursing from Mount St. a prominent nurse theorist. Mary's College. 1939 as the 2nd child of Mr. a master's degree program in pediatric nursing at the University of California .

and to achieve goals including survival. or at least helps compensate for the problem. growth. mastery of their lives and "personal and environmental transformation." Successful adaptation integrates a bad situation into an individual's life.THEORY Adaptation  Roy's theory defines adaptation as the process by which an individual or group makes conscious choices to cope with his or her situation. . Adaptive responses increase people's ability to cope.


judgement and emotion. learning . chemical and endocrine systems.Coping Mechanisms  Regulator-a major coping process involving the neural . .  Cognator-is a major coping process involving four cognitiveemotive channels : perceptual and information processing .

which refers to an individual's beliefs and feelings about him or herself. • Self-concept group identity mode.Nursing: The 4 Modes • The physical mode.which covers basic needs. • Interdependence mode.which refers to the personal relationships he or she has with friends. • Role function mode. how he or she relates to other people and should behave toward them. sleeping and protecting the body. . family and life partners. such as eating.which involves the perception of where the individual fits in the social network.

Types of Stimuli  Focal  Contextual  Residual .

METAPARADIGM  Health “a state and a process of being and becoming integrated and a whole person. that is. It is a reflection of adaptation. the interaction of the person and the environment .

 Nursing Acts to enhance the interaction of the person with the environment to promote adaptation A science and practice that expands adaptive abilities and enhances person and environmental transformation. .

 Environment Includes all the conditions. circumstances. Stimuli include can be categorized as focal. and influences surrounding and affecting the development and behaviors of the person. contextual and residual. Internal and External .

groups. organizations. communities. and society as a whole . families. adaptive systems A whole with the parts that function in unity for some purpose Not limited to just the individual can include. Person Humans are holistic.