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By: Bing Villasin Sept. 28, 2011

How does it make you feel?
Hurt Alone


CINEMA GUIDANCE presents Diary of a Wimpy Kid .

The 4 types of Bullying •Physical Bullying •Verbal Bullying •Relationship Bullying •Cyber Bullying .


Reasons why they bully…. therefore they bully to make themselves feel better. •They might not feel like they are getting enough attention from parents or teachers. •Something or someone is making them feel insecure. .

• Maybe they are also bullied. .Reasons why they bully…. • They might have watched their parents or older siblings get their way by being angry and pushy.


• Maybe you have a name that is not ordinary. • The bully or the target are either smaller or bigger than most kids their age. .Possible reasons for being a Target. • The target may be a minority. • May have a disability.

• If you don't have a lot of confidence and don't stand up for yourself. • If you get anxious or upset easily. • If you usually are alone and don't have many friends. .Possible reasons for being a Target.

How to Deal with Bullying .

What to do “In the moment” •Ignore them! •Don’t Cry •Talk about it to someone else •Turn the comment into a joke. •Remember you are not the one with the problem. . The bully is. •Remove yourself from the situation.

. • Avoid places where bullying happens. • Don’t walk alone.Ways to avoid future bullying • Act confident.

Why do others LET it happen? .

. the bully will turn on them. • They want to “side” with the bully because to do that makes them feel strong. • They’re afraid that if they say something. • They don’t think speaking up will help.Why do others LET it happen? • The bully is someone others look up to and want to hang out with.

Some things you can say if someone is getting bullied. .

Remember the golden rule? .


Ask yourself these questions. • Does it make you feel better to hurt other people or take their things? • Are you bigger and stronger than people your age? • Do you sometimes use your size and strength to get your way? .


and follow it up by being friendly. here are some ways to stop. • They might not trust you right away. . • Apologize to people that you have bullied. but eventually they will see that you have changed.If you are a bully.

talk to your counselor about it. . explore ways to boost your self-esteem. here are some ways to stop. • If you feel like you’re having trouble controlling your feelings.If you are a bully. especially anger. • If you are having a hard time feeling good about yourself.


P Project confidence.S Stay away from bullies. M Make friends. O u t B u l l y i n g! . A Avoid bad situations. T Tell someone.

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