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Durgapur Plant Closed Circuit Grinding . 1 each in Bahrain and Bangladesh)and 6 bulk terminals (5 in India and 1 in Sri Lanka). 15 grinding units( 11 in India. around nine thousand people are employed.  This plant has been assigned the work of grinding the cements. 11 grinding units in India and 1 clinkerization plant in UAE. 1 white cement plant.9 million tonnes.  In Durgapur Plant. 2 in UAE. UltraTech Cement Limited has 12 integrated plants.  The total output of this plant is around 1.

which are situated approximately 4 from the plant. The limestones are crushed into small pieces of about 16-25 mm in size. • BURNING In pre-heaters. kms pure • CRUSHING The extracted limestone is transported to crusher by dumpers. From here the raw materials are send to pre-heaters. The pre heated material is send to kiln where it is heated at temperature between 1400-1500 degree Celsius . The mining is done in such a way so as to get 78% to 82% limestone. . • BLENDING The raw materials are blended to make the mixture uniform. Coal is used to maintain the temperature and finally clinker emerges out of it. the mixture is heated at several temperatures at various stages. PRODUCTION • MINING Limestone is extracted from own mines.


Gypsum: . around 200-220 kg of coal is consumed. It is used during the grinding stage of clinker.Limestone is the main raw material for manufacture of cement. India is endowed with large deposits of limestone. Coal: . a quantity of 1.5 tone of limestone is required.Coal is an important input in the manufacture of cement both as a fuel and as a feedstock.Gypsum is another raw materials used mainly as a retarding agent along with clinker during the manufacture of cement. Consumption of gypsum varies from 2% to 6%. RAW MATERIALS • Limestone: . For every tone of clinker. For manufacturing one tone of cement. Coal is used twice mainly for the purpose of generating heat and also used as silica. • • . The cement industry is the largest consumer accounting for about 75-80% of total limestone production. which accounts for 15-20% of total cement production cost.

 Vertical Grinder Used in metallurgy. It is an efficient tool for grinding various materials into powder. . ie the heating process which eliminates the waste products. There are two ways of grinding: the dry process and the wet process. MACHINES USED IN PRODUCTION  Ball Mill Ball mill is crucial equipment for grinding after materials are crushed.

• Other machines used in manufacturing cement are: Coarse Powder Grinding Trapezium Mill Ultra Fine Grinder Raymond Mill .

 Distance of stacking bags should be 1 feet from wall and 2 feet from ceiling. Method of Cement Storage  All windows and doors are closed and weather and Moisture must not affect to the cement.  Placing maximum 15 bags in one stacking. Storage Time Fresh 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 24 Month Compressive Strength 100% 80% 72% 60% 46% .