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Health and Medicine in India

Presented by----> Peeyush, Rohit, Sipra, Pragya and Ashok

 Since independence India has witnessed marked difference in terms of health.  Mortality rate has declined to a large extent which has resulted in a big boom in terms of population.  An average Indian now lives up to 64.7 years.  Let us know how is it so?

producing and exporting drugs world-wide.  It can provide modern medicine as well as traditional medicines.Present Scenario  India today has a very large private health sector. .  It has one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world.

 Many of India's private hospitals are gaining ISO9001 standardisation status.India: The healthcare hub of Asia  India’s private hospitals can offer highly sophisticated and specialised medical services.  Many people from abroad including west come to India for treatment. .

000 doctors and nurses graduate from Indian education system annually.“Indian doctors”  Estimated 20. . registering with the General Medical Council (GMC). and afterwards many doctors go on to study and train further in the UK.000 to 30.

 Indian doctors are considered to be among the best in the world. Europe or the UK after completing their studies in India. .  Many doctors train and work in the US.What is quality of healthcare in India?  India’s private hospitals have earned their reputation as worldclass institutions with state-of–the-art technology and highly skilled medical personnel.

 Spread over 110 acres consisting prestigious hospitals and allied hospitals.  Ahmedabad civil Hospital.  Has 2. performs 80.  Treats 6 to 6.5 lac outdoor patients.  Treats 13 lakh patients annually.Facts: amazing but true  India has the biggest hospital in Asia.800 bed facility. the oldest and the most modern in India. .000 surgeries and 6500 deliveries per year.

List of top ten hospitals in India 1. 3. 4. 7. Mumbai National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences. Bangalore Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute and research centre LV Prasad Eye hospital (LVPEI) CMC vellore Breach Candy Hospital. 6. Parel. Mumbai . 5. 2. New Delhi Apollo Hospitals. 9. 8. All India Institute of Medical Sciences. 10. NIMHANS. The global chain of Fortis hospitals Global Hospitals Tata Memorial Centre. Apollo chain Fortis Hospitals.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences. New Delhi .

Apollo Hospitals .

Fortis Hospitals .

Global Hospitals .

Tata Memorial Centre. Parel. Mumbai .

Bangalore .National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences. NIMHANS.

Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute and research centre .

LV Prasad Eye hospital (LVPEI) .

CMC vellore .

Breach Candy Hospital. Mumbai .

India: obvious choice  India.  Medical tourist access high quality medical care at much lower prices than in the UK. an obvious choice for safe and cost-effective medical treatment. despite any prejudices about healthcare in developing countries.  Offers attractively low prices in comparison with the West and some of the most cost-effective healthcare facilities in the world. .

500 In India £2.000 £500 2.000 b/w £7.000 and 17.000 and 7. Rhinoplasty or nose reshape In UK £5. hip replacement 3.000 £4.000 £1.000 and £13.000 b/w £14.000 £4. cardiac-by-pass 4.Vital Statistics Treatments 1. dental implants .

 The government hospitals lack space for patients and machinery The ratio of doctor to patient is 1:2000 . these facilities are limited to people with sound financial health.“So much but so less”  India is a poor country.

India health infrastructure .

 More steps from the Central government. .  Only Private hospitals are on highs Public hospitals are on lows.  This includes more and more youth to go for medical.  More public hospitals are needed to cater to poor patients.Health sector needs help?  Enormous amount of private capital needed to meet needs of growing population.  More investment from Central government.

.  Only need is to maintain own population that is easier said than done.Conclusion  Indian health sector is fast emerging as leaders of the world.  Can really expect of a bright future ahead.

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