Development of Secure Credit Card

Group 6 Devendra Kumar Sahu Vaishvik Kale Mayank Raizada


Card Technologies .

RBI Guidelines .

Existing Problems .

Need Gap Analysis Security Credit Card Need Gap Ease of Use Debit Card .

Idea Generation Techniques Systematic Inventive Thinking Mind Mapping .

Ideas Automated Call Digital Signature Safe Transaction Finger Print Verification Auto Lock Card Photo Id Verification .

C&E MATRIX Customer Revenue to Process Transactions Loyalty Company Output 10 8 10 Importance Process Step Deliver Credit card to identified People Card used for Transaction at POS Verication of user thru database at time of Transaction Compilation of Monthly Transactions Delivery of Bills to customer Reciept of Payments Process Input Correlation of Input to Output 9 3 0 1 3 9 120 128 PROCESS FLOW Deliver Credit card to identified People Card used for Transaction at POS Vefication of user thru database at time of Transaction 3 3 3 1 0 0 9 9 9 9 1 9 120 120 112 172 Delivery of Bills to customer Compilation of Monthly Transactions FMEA Reciept of Payments .

Hassle Free Transat. Completed House of For Proposed Plastic Credit Card Quality Security Easy to Use Controlled Transact. 5 Reliability Our importance ratings 5 4 3 2 37 40 27 40 6 37 G G G G G G P G Mobile Approval Smart Card G P G P P .Work on Existing Hard Wares Option to Block/ Unblock No external dependency Biometric Identification Password Protection Miniature Chipset Switch on Cardi Self Sufficient Smart card N Y N N Y N Y Y Technical evaluation Mobile Service Us Y Y Y Y Panel ranking Pin System Target values (Technical attributes) Meet Dimention Req.

The Card .

Target Market : Public Sector Banks. • Technology Licensing from Dynamic Inc.5 Years Estimated Business in 1st Year 1000 cards per day To Gradually increase to 5000 cards per day by end of 18 months Long term contracts for supply of secure cards for target banks Idle Facility can be used for printing of other type of cards. Major banks like ICICI and Axis Bank Sales Team : 2 Teams of 3 People each Break even in 6 Months Sales Price : Rs 100 per card Break Even : 2. USA • Procurement of Card Printing Machine • Production Capacity : 5000 cards per day initially • Dedicated Design team for CAD designs and 3D Printing .

Will have to develop Market • Assumptions of resistance to hardware change Faltering. Working capital requirement : 5 Lakh per month Private Ltd. Crores Credit Limit with bank of Rs 5 lakh • Obsolence of technology: High Breakeven period • Changes in RBI Guidelines • Disadvantage of 1st Mover.9 Crores. Company Debt Structure : Rs 4. Owners equity 21.• • • • • Initial Investment : 7 Crores approx. .

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