Bell Work

• Today is Monday August 27, 2012 • Respond to the quote (in your 3-ring binder in the notes section). “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” - Leonardo DaVinci What do you think about when you read this?

• Fun Friday….
– 1st class to 30 points wins a fun Friday – During class if Mrs. J or other teacher has to count to 3 the class will receive one mark on the board. – After three marks, the class will lose it’s daily point. – After lost daily point, each mark (or counting to 3) will result in the removal of an earned daily point. – No marks, or count downs, the class will receive 2 daily points.

1.2, 1.3, 1.4

Standards we are going to meet this week!
• 1.2 - I can show the position of any form on the number line • 2.1 - I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals

How to read decimals
When thinking of decimals I like to think of money. Twenty five cents is .25 or a quarter of a dollar. A quarter is worth less than one WHOLE dollar. The first number 3.25 would read as: Three and twenty-five hundredths.

When reading a number on a number line you have to pay attention to detail and what intervals the increments are increasing/decreasing by. We will touch base with this as we go along.

1.2 Adding and Subtracting
• Outside flap: Adding or Sum page 8 • Inside flap define:
– Identity property of + – Commutative Property of + – Associative Property of +

• Sample Problem: .7 + 12.5 + 1.003

1.2 Adding and Subtracting
• Outside flap: Subtracting or Difference page 9 • Inside flap:
– List steps
• Align the decimal points inserting zeros if necessary • Regroup and subtract

• Sample Problem: 89.9 – 46.78 + 12.03

Hint – during order of operations adding and subtracting you solve left to right.

1.3 Multiplying Decimals
• Outside flap: Multiplying or Product page 13 • Inside flap define:
– – – – Identity property of * Commutative Property of * Associative Property of * Zero property of *

• Bottom flap:
– List steps: multiply as if they were whole numbers. Count the number of decimals within the problem, move that many place values in your answer.

• Sample Problem: 2.5*6.4

1.4 Dividing Decimals
• Outside flap: Dividing or Quotient • Inside flap define:
– Divisor – Dividend – Quotient

• Bottom flap:
– List steps: make divisor a whole number (move the decimal of the dividend the same amount of places in the same direction). Solve and then move the decimal straight up.

• Sample Problem: 12.42 /5.4

• Now create a word problem for all four operations within your group!

• Pg 10 #8-26 even, pg 16 #11-29 odd, pg 22 #7-21 • Pg 10 #9-25 odd, pg 16 #12-28 even, pg 22 #7-21 • Pg 10 #8-10, 16-20, 24-26, pg 16 #17-19, 26-30, pg 22 #7-9, 19-21

• CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Pg 11 #35-47, pg 17 #42-47, pg 23 #33-43 • Once you have met a requirement you can create a worksheet with 3 words problems for each +, -, *, and / using decimals as well as including our new vocabulary words.

• Remember to meet a standard:
– – – – You have to show your work (in pencil) Get at least 80% of the answer correct Work all the problems in your set To get credit I need to see your work and have a conference with you. If you get your work done quickly please let me know or feel free to come in before or after school to inform me or show me your knowledge.

• Once you have completed your assignment and it meets the standard you can then start working on a mastery project of your choice – video tutorials, design foldables, create music to help reference information, or anything else you can imagine as long as it is pre-approved by me.

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