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Demo Lecture May 17, 2012

Muneeza Shoaib

Brand Management

Muneeza Shoaib

Topic introduction What is a Brand? Branding and New branding challenges Why do brands matter? Strategic Brand Management Brand Equity Customer Based Brand Equity The Evolving Brand Management Paradigm Case in point : Evolution of the brand Fair & Lovely Exercises on Brand Awareness & Brand Association.

Muneeza Shoaib

A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design which is intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.

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Physical goods Services Retailers On-line products and services People Organization Sports, Arts, Entertainment Geographic location Ideas
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Brands are important as ever

Consumer need for simplification Consumer need for risk reduction

Brand management is as difficult as ever

Savvy consumers Increased competition Decreased effectiveness of traditional marketing tools and emergence of new marketing tools Complex brand and product portfolios
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Means of identification.

Means of legally protecting unique feature.

Signal of quality Means of endowing products with unique associations. Sources of competitive advantage Sources of financial returns.

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Identification of sources of product

Assignment of responsibility to product maker.

Risk reducer Search cost reducer Symbolic device Signal of quality Promise or bond with product or maker

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Strategic brand management involves the design and implementation of marketing programs and activities to build, measure, and manage brand equity. The strategic brand management process is defined as involving four main steps:
1) 2) 3) 4) Identifying and establishing brand positioning and values Planning and implementing brand marketing programs Measuring and interpreting brand performance Growing and sustaining brand equity

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The brand equity concept stresses the importance of the brand in marketing strategies. Brand equity is defined in terms of the marketing effects uniquely attributable to the brand. Brand equity relates to the fact that different outcomes result in the marketing of a product or service because of its brand name, as compared to if the same product or service did not have that name. For example Nestle

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Brand Equity is a set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand, its name and symbol, that add to or subtract from the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/or to that firms customers. Assets and liabilities underlying brand equity must be linked to the name and/or symbol of the brand

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Customer-based brand equity

Differential effect ( Nestle) Customer brand knowledge Customer response to brand marketing
Coca Cola

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Brand Equity the added values endowed to product or service.

Brand Awareness Awareness Brand Experiences / Brand Users Brand loyalty Brand Imagery

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Brand Relationship (What about you and me?) Brand response (What about you?) Brand Meaning (what are you?) Brand Identity (Who are you?)


Judgment Brand Performance

Brand Imagery

Brand Salience Brand awareness

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Enjoy greater brand loyalty, usage, and affinity Command larger price premiums Receive greater trade cooperation & support Increase marketing communication effectiveness Yield licensing opportunities Support brand extensions.

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Brand Management -The Evolving Paradigm

From Tactical to Strategic Management Perspective Tactical and reactive Brand manager status Less experienced, shorter time horizon Conceptual model Brand image Focus Short-term financials


Strategic and visionary Higher in the organization, longer time horizon Brand equity Brand equity measures

From a Limited to Broad Focus

Product-market scope Brand structures Number of brands Country scope Brand manager's communication role Communication focus

Single products-markets Simple Focus on single brands Single country Coordinator of limited options External/customer

Multiple products and markets Complex brand architectures Category focus-multiple brands Global perspective Team leader of multiple communication options Internal as well as external Brand identity

From Sales to Brand Identity as Driver of Strategy Driver of strategy Sales and share

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early years: ( 1975- 1982)

Becoming a household name ( 1983-85) Greater control of her personal life ( 1984-2000): Changing her destiny (2001-2006) Empowering her to go further (2006-2008)

Grooming for her and him

(2008- 2012)

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Recall the brands the comes to your mind the following product categories

Drinking water Cell phone Cereal Burger Greeting cards Tea Coffee

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Identify the image association of the following brands:

Lux Lifebouy Dove Volvo Ferrari Red Bull Dominos Pizza

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