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Technology and Innovation Management Transportation


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Globally, the logistics industry is valued at US$ 3.5 trillion. The Indian Logistics Industry is presently estimated at US$ 90 billion. It is forecast to grow at a CAGR of approximately 8% over the next three to five years. Transportation businesses operate requires exibility and constant adaptation Innovation in the transportation industry centers mainly on speed, efciency, features and information. innovation example is the hub-and spoke system Barcode allowing the track-and-trace to enhance the transparency network based around collaboration Innovation remains the bedrock upon which the future of the transportation industry will be built.

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Growth drivers
Globalisation Strong economic growth and liberalization Opening of organized retail sector - attracting retail chains like Wal-Mart

and Carrefour in addition to Indian players like Pantaloon and Reliance.

Manufacturing boom for exports as well as for domestic market. 3PL

long and dynamic supply chain.

Inadequate infrastructure

Complex tax laws

Agile response

Green practices

Company 1 GATI
Incorporated on 25th April, 1995 registered office at Secunderabad. Pioneer in Distribution and Supply Chain Management solutions in India. They offered a spectrum of services that were cost efficient and flexible. Operates in three types of business segment viz. Logistics, shipping, Fuel Stations. GATI spread across 427 locations in India and overseas offices in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore and China Turnover 70% from Logistics Division (Out of which 98% from Cargo, 2% from courier) 7% from Shipping Division 23% from Fuel Stations.

GATI Technology & Innovations

Website was inaugurated in 2002.It aimed at rendering better services to customers. Customer could track docket number, download information, lodge complaints online and track its status, check prices and transit time for shipment of any of Gatis services, with the option to compare difference services on both front. e-mail Updates and SMS Updates Messages on your mobile Gati was one of the first companies to print its delivery date on the docket and offer money back guarantee, by accepting payment after producing proof of delivery a POD GATI implemented web based ERP called gati@web , comprising GEMS ( Gati Enterprise Management System), a custom-developed application, Oracle CRM and Oracle Financial. Gati.Net , a corporate intranet application, to enable employees to share information and communicate over an interactive online platform.

Company 2 Federal Express

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Revenues of $39.3 billion.

FedEx composed a unique selling proposition that focused on delivering the

peace of mind that the package would get there on time. The benefit of overnight delivery for customers. Federal Express was among the first express transportation companies to realize the benefits of technology.

FedEx uses one of the world's largest computer and telecommunications

networks. UPS is FedExs major competitor.

FedEx Technology & Innovations

COSMOS (Customer, Operations, Service, Master On-line) DADS (Digitally Assisted Dispatch System)

Super Tracker becomes the first transportation website to offer package status tracking InterNetShip

APEC Traffic Database

InSight Automated Sorting TrackingRouting Aid( ASTRA ).

Company 3 Agrawal Tracker and movers

Year of establised: 1987 (Silver Jublee ) USP: Self owned strong fleet of 1000 plus vehicles (including car carriers and special household carriers). Safesty and speed Facility of Escort ( Double Door Carriers, Dry Cargo Containers, Perfect boxes, Coat Cartons ) Zero Trans-shipment Parts load Economical International standard of packing materials 24*7 customer care services. Turn over : 254 Cr.

Agrawal Trackers & Movers Technology & Innovations

A single unique countrywide phone number for easy accessibility to call for shifting requirement. It is easy to remember and has greater recall value. Rubber sheet are used as shock absorber so that valuable goods will be scrach free till the detination Conveyor Belt Loading system in warehouses for easy handling of consignments at the time of loading or unloading. They also provide our customers with a total risk-free (FOV) cover (under section 11 of carrier Act) against their consignment, in case of claims they are settled within 21 days. We have belt system in our trucks which fix the goods at top of the vehicle and hence there is no moment of the goods and leads to unbreakable and safe transportation. Cages for Pets are designed so that the pets are also taken care of and reach safely.

A Strong Training Department that trains each and every personnel and provides them full knowledge about their area of work of transport industry.


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