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IVRS means Interactive Voice Response System. It serves as a bridge between people and computer databases It is used to enable the caller to retrieve the information from database, enter information into database or both. The telephone user can access the information from anywhere at anytime simply by dialing a specified number and following an on-line instruction when a connection has been established


This technology allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad. Dual-tone multifrequency signalling (DTMF) is used for telecommunication signalling It uses pre-recorded or computer generated voice responses to provide information in response to an input from a telephone caller It finds a large scale use in enquiry systems of railways, banks, universities, tourism, industry etc.


IVR system stores responses made by callers. It is able to capture either touch-tone or voice responses by callers. It will consider the nature of the user, to provide the correct response and will provide the user with all sorts of related information for his concern. Able to provide different responses to callers based on latest information.


Reduces spiraling labor costs Has increased processing power which means newer systems are faster and more accurate Software and hardware costs continue to decrease IVRS are less costly and faster to implement than web-based solutions

Microcontrol ler

PIC-16F72 Off-hook control signal Ring detection


The user dials the number connected to the IVRS

The call is taken over after 12 seconds.

After 12 seconds if the ring detector output is low the microcontroller switches the relay to the DTMF and sends the signal via RS 232 to the PC.

The PC welcomes the user and informs him of the various

codes which the user dials to access the necessary


Thirty seconds are given to the user to press the codes failure of which results in switch back of the relay. The DTMF decoder converts the codes pressed into BCD. It is then pressed to the input pins of the microcontroller and stored in microcontroller memory. After these codes are received they are transmitted serially to the serial port of the PC via MAX232.


The serial port of the PC is continually polled by the software such as Visual Basics and the received code words are put in the text box from the input buffer. The received personal identification number(PIN) is compared with the stored database to determine the result. The corresponding wave file is played by the sound blaster card. It is coupled to the telephone line through the audio amplifier. Thus the user is able to access the required information.


HARDWARE : Micro Controller DTMF Decoder MAX 232 SOFTWARE : Visual Basic 6.0 MS Access 2003


Detects the dial tone from a telephone line & decodes the keypad pressed on the Remote telephone. It includes a band split filter that separates the high & low tones of Rx pair. A digital decoder that verifies both the frequency & duration of received tones before passing to resulting 4 bit code to the O/P bus.


Complete DTMF Rx. Low power consumption. Internal Gain setting amplifier. Power down mode. Inhibit mode. Credit card system. Remote control. Telephone answering machine.


It is a low-power, highperformance CMOS 8bit microcontroller with 2K byte flash PEROM. It is a 28 pin IC. It includes 22 I/O pins that are user configurable on a pin to pin basis.


It is a high level programming language evolved from earlier DOS version called BASIC. In VISUAL BASIC, programming is done in a graphical environment. It provides ready to use components. VISUAL BASIC program is made up of many subprograms, each has its own program codes each can be executed independently & at the same time.


Interfaces are easy to use & easy to learn. No coding is required to display components. Components cab be moved, resized & even deleted, if so required. No restriction on No. of controls to be placed on a form.

Components have some code built in them.


The MAX-232 converts from RS232 voltage levels to TTL voltage levels and vice versa. One advantage of the MAX232 chip is that it uses +5V power source which, is the same as the source voltage for the 8051.


It has two set of line drivers for transferring and receiving data. The line drivers used for TxD are called T1 and T2, while the line driver for RxD are designated as R1 and R2. MAX232 requires four capacitors ranging from 1 to 22 micro farad. The most widely used value for these capacitors is 22 micro farad.

Today IVRS application allow self service to automated bank, account information, airline schedules and movie times. IVRS system can be made more attractive by replacing the touch tone interfaces with speech enabled applications. With this speech enabled IVRS systems, the caller can obtain information and perform transactions by natural speaking. The addition of speech recognition capabilities increases the variety of automated service delivered over the telephone.



Dynamic reduction in operational costs. Provide security. Provide safety. Easy to operate. Small in size. Installation is easy. Save time by getting the caller to the correct department quicker.


College And Industry Automation Call Centre Routing Bank Balance Inquiry Stock Lookup And Quotes Customer Satisfaction Surveys Political Polls Order Entry And Tracking Information Lookup Movie Schedules

IVRS provides services to customers at reduced operational costs,improved customer satisfaction and retention. It provides increased return on investment and a stronger market presence for the IVRS service provider. Speech navigation outputs used are less complex and more rigidly hierarchial touch tone menu options.


IVRS can be used in organizations to know about various departments, mode of working and levels of control. Circuitry is compact and can be used as a card in computer. It is advantageous over RF. Approach is very secure and is very useful in domestic as well as industrial usage.


Concept of IVRS can be used in various transport departments. Transport companies need to be fast and responsive and also need to provide customers with an easily accessible information system. Information system must provide information enquiry, schedule enquiry,SISR information enquiry and teleticketing system. This concept may also be implemented in Cinema halls and multiplexes where the caller will get to know the timings of his favorite movies as well as he can book his tickets through this system.


IVRS is an electronic device through which information is available with the help of telephone lines anywhere in the world. DTMF (Dual Tone Multi frequency) decoder 8870 is a specific IC that converts the DTMF tones to 4 bit BCD codes. Microcontroller is meant to read data , perform calculations and control its environment based on those calculations . Microcontroller accepts the BCD calls, process them and transmit them serially to the PC.


RS232 IC acts as a serial interface between the microcontroller and the PC and provides the voltage compatability between the transmitter and receiver pins of microcontroller and the PC. Some advantage are less cost , provides safety and easy to operate. Applications in different organizations for customers satisfaction.


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