Presented by: Mansi Saran Tanya sachdeva Disha Sharma Aakash Vardhan Kanika Chandi

• The name, “Barbie” was invented by a business woman Ruth Handler after daughter Barbara’s nickname. • The idea of a teenage doll, Barbie came when Handler saw Barbara playing with paper doll. • Ruth Handler with her husband Elliot Handler cofounded Mattel, a Southern California toy company. • The first Barbie dolls were manufactured in Japan with their clothes hand stitched by Japanese home workers.

• In the first year of production, around 3,50,000 dolls were sold. • The Mattel owned 4 factories, two in China and one each in Malaysia and Indonesia, produce over 100 million Barbie dolls a year. • The process of Barbie production is very complex, includes shipping the dolls from one country to another for different processes.

• Barbie is a plastic vinyl doll with the figure of an adult woman whose full name is Barbie Millicent. • Initially, Barbie was marketed as glamorous, physically developed teenage fashion model with a range of fashion accessories. • Barbie has had over 40 pets, including 21 dogs, 14 horses, 6 cats, parrot, chimpanzee, panda, lion, cub, giraffe, and a zebra.

• In 1961, Mattel brought out Barbie’s ultimate accessory – her boyfriend, the fashion conscious KEN. • Barbie made its debut in the American International Toy Fair in New York on 9 March, 1959. • Barbie sells over 1 billion pounds annually across 150 countries. • Barbie demonstrates girls that they can be anything they want to be and became the role model for girls.

• Barbie’s marketing strategy involved meticulous product customization to suit diverse cultures across the world. • Since 1959. it is estimates that more than a billion Barbie dolls representing 45 nationalities and 80 occupations which have been sold world-wide. • Mattel has customized Barbie dolls to symbolize various festivals across the world. • Barbie is also known as the “most collectible doll in the world”.

• There are four major types of Barbie collectors i.e. pink, silver, gold and platinum. • Despite Barbie’s product portfolio, considerable competition has evolved from new dolls like the funky Bratz, the long-term UK rival Sindy, and the Islamic dolls.

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