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First world warIsolationalism Declaration Of War On Germany by AMERICA.


Leadership Workforce Economy conditions Education level Defense power Supremacy .

S has A Federal System-individual States each with it’s Own Government. with a Central Federal Or National Government.  Powers are distributed between State And Central Government. U. .


 Members are Selected By The Citizen’s of the Country.  The President Is Elected For A Fixed Term Of Four Years And May Serve A Maximum Of Two Term. .  These 538 Members Then Elect The President.

$'s spent 7E+11 6E+11 5E+11 4E+11 3E+11 2E+11 1E+11 0 -1E+11 0 US $'s spent chin USS 1 2 3 India 4 5 .


28.700 each in Italy and the United Kingdom. armed forces are stationed at more than 820 installations in at least 135 countries.S.500 in Republic of Korea (USFK).100 in Afghanistan and approximately 9.  Some of the largest contingents are the 142. the 56.000 military personnel in Iraq. .122 in Japan (USFJ). U. 31.200 in Germany the 33.


Microsoft : World’s largest computer software company Microsoft Windows is the leading operating system in the with a market share of 92%. . Intel :  World's largest semiconductor chip maker – has got over 76% market share.  Has got around 150 domains in the Internet space. Dominates the global search engine market with around 86% of market share.  Fortune magazine's best place to work in.

.  US has got over 14 million higher education students .the highest in the world. US is the host to top Universities of the world.  In spite of the financial crisis of 2008 there was rapid rise in the number of foreign students’ enrolments.


 Exchanging medium  World reserves are having the dollar only as their currency reserves .


 Economic depression 1929  Recession 2007  Minor depression 2009 but it recovered all the time very well .

Some of major achievements by US :  First Communication satellite – 1958  First Weather satellite – 1959  First humans on moon – 1969  First Close up photos of Moon and Mars – 1964 .

loans and investment by U. Official Development Assistance (ODA) was $28 billion .2 billion • In 2005 the U.S.the largest of all official donations by an individual country .S.• In 2005. companies to the developing world totaled $69.


Xerox .  Be a leader in space research. . Mcdonalds. China would have to :  Have an economy of nearly same size as that of USA.  Have a military capable of waging wars anywhere in the globe.  Create original consumer brands like Coca .  Have to make Yuan an international currency. In order to match USA . Microsoft. Apple.Cola . Nike. Google. Intel inside.

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