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Title II

ART. 213. National Labor Relations Commission. --there shall be a National Labor Relation Commission which shall be attached to the Department of Labor and Employment(DOLE) for program and policy coordination only. Chairman and fourteen (14) members.

5 members each shall be chosen from among the nominees of the workers and employers organizations respectively

Five (5) divisions

st 1

nd 2

rd 3

th 4

th 5

National Capital Region And other parts of Luzon

Visayas and Mindanao

ART. 219. Ocular Inspection

The chairman, any Commissioner, Labor Arbiter or their duly authorized representatives, may, at any time during work hours, conduct an ocular inspection on any establishments. ART. 220. Compulsory arbitrators. The Commission or any Labor Arbiter shall have the power to seek the assistance of the government officials and qualified private citizens to act as compulsory arbitrators on cases referred to them and to fix and assess the fees of such compulsory arbitrators.

ART. 221.

Technical rules not binding and prior resort to amicable settlement .

In any proceedings before the Commission or any Labor Arbiters, the rules of evidence prevailing in courts of law or equity shall not be controlling, and it is the spirit and intention of this Code that the Commission and its members and the Labor Arbiters shall use every and all reasonable means to ascertain the facts in each case speedily and objectively.


(a.) Non- lawyers may appear before the Commission or any Labor Arbiter only: 1. if they represent themselves : or 2. if they represent their organization or members thereof. (b.) No attorneys fees, negotiation fees similar charges of any kind arising from any collective bargaining agreement shall be imposed on any individual member of the contracting union.


Art. 223. APPEAL
Decisions, awards, or order of the Labor Arbiter are final and executory unless appealed to the Commission by any both parties within ten (10) calendar days from receipt of such decision, awards or orders.

(a). If there is prima facie evidence of abuse of discretion on the part of the Labor Arbiter. (b.) If the decision, order, or award was secured through fraud and coercion, including graft and corruption. (c.) if made purely on questions of law; and (d.) if serious errors in the findings of facts are raised which would cause grave or irreparable damage or injury to the appellant.


(a.) 5 years after the finality of decisions, awards, or order shall be moto propio or upon motion of any interested parties. The decisions, orders or awards shall be executed by: The Secretary of Labor and Employment or any Regional director Commission or any Arbiter or Med-Arbiter voluntary Arbitrator

(b.) Failure to comply with the duty prescribe herein shall subject such responsible officer to appropriate administrative sanctions. The Secretary of Labor and Employment, and the Chairman of the commission may designate special sheriffs to impose an administrative fines which shall not be less that five hundred pesos (P500.00) nor more than ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00). *sheriff or deputised officer to execute or enforce final Decision of the court. ART. 225. CONTEMPT POWERS OF THE SECRETARY Of LABOR. In the exercise of his powers under this Code, the Secretary of Labor may hold any person in direct or indirect contempt and impose the appropriate penalties therefor.