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Crafting the Brand Positioning

Brand Identity and Brand Image

Brand Positioning
“To position a product/service in the minds of
consumers relative to competitors”

Ries and Trout
A ‘reason to be’

“The brand has to be distinctive, relevant and
appealing to its target audience”

Robbertson 2000
Positioning Levels
 By attribute - Omo , Dove, Volvo
 By price/quality - Mr Price, Woolworths
 By use/application
 By product user - Diesel, Chivas Regal
 By competitor - Avis, e-tv
 By cultural symbols - Castrol, Sasol,
Source of Motivation?

Positioning grid

 News - local & global
 Sport - types?
 Financial matters
 Entertainment
 Trends & happenings
 Community
 Jobs
Positioning - The Process

1. Points of Parity?

The frame in which we are competing!

E.g. Subways
2. Point of Difference?

“Announce the frame of reference but compete
on point/s of difference.” - Keller

Difficult to attack
3. Craft the Brand Positioning Statement

Relevant, differentiated and single-minded!

Plato - Deep within everything is the idea of that
thing (essence)

The “defining idea” Moon 2000
5. Integration

Experienced at every point of contact - over
Adding Further Differentiation
 Differentiation
– Differentiation criteria:
• Important
• Distinctive
• Superior
• Preemptive
• Affordable
• Profitable
Differentiation Tools
– Performance Quality
– Conformance Quality
– Durability
– Reliability
– Reparability
– Style
– Design: The Integrating Force
 Services Differentiation
– Ordering Ease
Differentiation Tools
– Delivery
• Quick response system
– Installation
– Customer Training
– Customer
– Maintenance
and Repair

HP’s online
support page
Differentiation Tools
– Miscellaneous Services
 Personnel Differentiation
• Competence
• Courtesy
• Credability
• Reliability
• Responsiveness
• Communication
Differentiation Tools
 Channel Differentiation
 Image Differentiation
• Identity
• Image
– Symbols, Colours, Slogans, Special
– Physical plant
– Events and Sponsorship
– Using Multiple Image-Building Techniques
3. Language usage
Brief Review Creative/ media
Creative and Media Conceptualise Amend until ready to present

Review Strat internally Present to Client
and with Client Amend until ready to execute

Development of Execute and Implement
Communication Strategy Campaign

Anticipate briefing for next Monitor, measure, amend
Client Briefs Agency
Campaign if necessary to ensure
Brand Team
Start Again! effective communication