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Immediate care of new born

 to identify definition of neonatal & neonatal care.  To explain aim of care.  Identify the sequence to follow in the physical assessment of a neonate.  Discuss N.C.P.  Summary.

;Neonatal period Is the time from birth through ..the 28 day of life

;Neonatal care

it’s care which begins immediately after birth & focuses on assessing & stabilizing the newborn

;Aim of neonatal care
To maintain normal body * .function .To ensure comfort * .To prevent infection * .To prevent injury * To teach mother how to care her * .baby

Immediate care of new: born towels or cloths, *Drying the baby with warm

while being placed on the mother's abdomen or in her arms. This mother-child skin to-skin contact is important to maintain the baby's temperature, encourage bonding and expose the baby to the mother's skin bacteria.

* Ensuring that the airway is clear, removing

mucus and other material from the mouth, nose and throat with a suction pump.

*Cutting umbilical cord with sterile instrument .

* A few drops of silver nitrate solution or an
antibiotic is Usually placed into the eyes to prevent infection.

Physical assessment

* Vitamin K is also administered to prevent
hemorrhagic DIS of newborn..

* Putting the baby to the breast as early as possibl

suckling/breast feeding should be encouraged, within the first hour after  about 6 hours or so after birth, the baby is bathed.

*About 6 hours or so after birth, the baby is bathed
but the vernix caseosa (whitish greasy material that covers

:Ph ysic al a sse ssm ent
suction, cut umbilical* .cord, bath .Apger ,reflex*

sign A P G A appearance Pulse or apex beat Reflex ))grimace Activity , tone

Score 0

Score 1

Score 2 All pink Above 100/min cry

Blue or Body pink pale Limbs blue absent Below 100/min non limp grimace


Respiratory effort


Some Active flexion of movemen limbs t limbs well flexed Slow , Good irregular strong cry

Physical assessment Measurement infant weight. Measurement temperature Measurement.

:Nursing care plane
DX Ineffecti ve airway clearanc e R\T excess mucus , imprope r positioni .ng Goal
To maint ain airway .

Nursing intervention


Suction mouth &* Airway nasopharynx with bulb remains patent syringe aspiration pharynx , breathing is then nose , to prevent & regular . aspiration of fluid respiratory Position infant on lift or* rate is within right side after feeding to normal limits .prevent aspiration Take V\S according to* institutional policy & more .frequently if necessary Observe for signs of* respiratory distress and report any of abnormal breath sound ,cyanosis or .pallor

Risk for altered body temperat ure R\T change in environm ent temperat ure

Goal To maintain stable body temperat ure

Nursing intervention
cover infant in a warmed* .blanket Place infant on a padded* .,covered surface Take infant temperature on* arrival at nursery or mother .room Maintain room temperature* between 24c_25.5c Give initial bath according to* hospital policy and Prevent .chilling of infant during bath Dress infant in shirt & diaper* & swaddle in a blanket and Provide with head covering only one area of Body uncover for examination or ..procedures Keep infant away from air* conditioning Warm all objects used to*



Infant temperat ure remain at optimum level (36,5.(37,5

Nursing intervention Wash hands* Risk for To before & after infection or prevent .caring of infant inflammatio exhibits Wear gloves* n R/T of signs deficient infection were is contacts with baby immunologi or c defenses , inflammat .secretions Use of cover* environmen ion gown tal factor Check eyes daily* ,maternal for evidence of .dis inflammation or .discharge Keep umbilical* stump clean & dry . Apply* antibacterial .agent as order



evaluation Infant no exhibits of signs infection or inflammati .on

DX Risk for trauma R/T physical helplessness .

Goal To prevent physical .injury

Nursing intervention Avoid using* rectal thermometer to prevent rectal .perforation Never leave* infant unsupervision on a raised surface with .out sides Always close* diaper pins if use & place them away .from infant Keep sharp* object away

Evaluation Infant remain free from physical .injury


;Done by
Kholood Alharbi Afnan Alahmadi Waad Alahmadi Al anood Assiri Kholood Merir