Rural Marketing Case – Coca Cola
- Yogesh Kamath

Rustomjee Business School

.The Rural challenge Rustomjee Business School Yes it is 70% of the population and 64% of total expenditure. Imagine selling a beverage in a market where there is no power supply!!! . But….

the focus is on providing the consumers with value packs (200 and 300 ml glass bottle) since a large part of the consumption in rural India is on-the-go. and channel strategy. pack. • In the rural markets. Rustomjee Business School . • This involves making available the soft drink brands in the right pack at the right price. follows an OBPPC Occasion. sold through the right channel and driving consumption by linking it with right occasion.The Rural Strategy • The company thus. brand. price.

It can store two crates of coke or 48 bottles of 300 ml.Sustainable Innovations Rustomjee Business School eKOCool. The company has set up 20 eKOCool's in villages in and around Agra. a solar-powered refrigerator priced at Rs 45.These are coolers with brine solution that keep the product chilled even if there is no electricity supply for more than eight to 10 hours. supplied by Coca-Cola. Eutectic coolers . .000.

and gets Rs 2 on each bottle. The mother of three has another reason to cheer.” Sakhidevi says.000 a month.000-30." She sells 20-30 bottles a day.500 people. . a mobile phone. Rustomjee Business School "My husband and I run the shop. and we make Rs 20.Sustainable Innovations Sakhidevi smiles radiantly as she serves chilled Coke at her shop. We cater to about 1. That’s a real big deal for this store-owner in a small village off Agra which goes without power for several days at a stretch. “My daily earnings have gone up three-fold. The solar panel on her roof lights up her house and charges the family's proud possession.

Fanta Fun Taste powder is a 23.5 gm sachet that makes 200ml of beverage when mixed with water. B6. the company has introduced products like Fanta Fun Taste Powder at Rs.Product innovation Rustomjee Business School Since a smaller SKU has more potential for consumption in rural markets.000 outlets in Gujarat and Maharashtra. the product has recently been rolled out in 15. The company claims to have fortified the product with Vitamins B3. To target the bottom of the socio economic pyramid. . 5 price point. B9 and B12.

Price it right and Promote Rustomjee Business School Paanch ! Thanda Matlab ! .

narrated through dance.Engaging consumers • Jalsa . • About 3 days prior to the event an auto rickshaw advertises / communicates about show timings and the event to the rural consumers. • To be a part of the Thums Up Jalsa. • These tickets also entitles them to win prizes like TV / music systems and mobile phones . poetry & plays. the consumers just need to buy a bottle of Thums Up and get free entry tickets.000-20.000 per show. • ‘Thums Up Jalsa’ witnesses professional dancers perform live on some of the most popular Hindi and Bhojpuri songs. Rustomjee Business School • Additionally.a unique consumer engagement initiative based on the local ‘Folk Fare’. point of sale communication material is put at villages where the programme is being activated. • The program includes organising shows (read Jalsa’s) for an audience of 15.

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