15th century Renaissance period in which there are many smart people, including Leonardo da Vinci experts in various fields of painting, sculpture, architecture, engineering, music, geology, anatomy, biology, astronomy and cartography. Leonardo was born on April 15 in the town of Vinci, he was the illegitimate son of a lawyer and lived out his childhood with his grandparent. During adolescence, his father brought him to learn the trade but he was not allowed to enter the professional fields because of its status as an illegitimate child. Finally, his father made him as an apprentice artist at studio of Andrea del Verrocchio, a respected artist and craftsman. After that, he succeeded in mastering the arts of painting, sculpture and architecture.

In his youth, he was attracted to world nature. Anything that caught his attention will be stored in his note books anywhere he goes. study done by Leonardo in his note book are survive to this day. In the late 1470s, Leonardo left the Verrocchio workshop and become an independent artist in Florence. San Donato commissioned Leonardo to create a painting for the main altar, but they can not be completed because of his inability.

In the early 1480's, Leonardo moved to Milan city state and an adviser who is believed by the Duke Ludovico Sforza in culture and military tactics during the two decades. During that period, works on a variety of scientific theory embodied in his note book that is not known by other. While in Milan, Leonardo tried to create a machine that allowed him to fly by study the flights of birds and subject intensely hoping for knowledge that would allow him to build a flying machine. He sketches of proposed designs, including one for a helicopter type machine and others of various gliders and machines with flapping wings. It is not known if he actually built prototypes of any of these machines or if he attempted to fly any of them. In 1490, Leonardo was creating the famous pieces of art in the world, The Last Supper depicts scene from Bible in which Jesus announces to his apostles that one of them will betray him.

Leonardo created the painting of the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie where are still survive until this day. Leonardo creation of a giant bronze statue project of the horse and rider which was to memorialize the father of Duke Ludovico affected due to enemy attack. The bronze had to be used for cannon while clay model was destroyed by soldiers using it for target practice. In 1499, fleeing a French invasion of northern Italy, Leonardo left Milan and spent the next few years wandering through Italy. He advised the leaders of Venice in how to defend their city from the Turks and spent a few months working as a military engineer for Commander Cesare Borgia. Leonardo met and befriended the political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli.

Leonardo has painted several major works such as the portrait of Mona Lisa and filled a variety of natural scientific research into his notebook.
Leonardo then moved to France as guest of the France king and died in the town of Cloux on 2 May. Leonardo notebooks are randomly arranged with a certain way.

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