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Case 1 Abstract
• PROBLEM - Stress On Employees • THE ACTION - Constant Negativity • THE OUTCOME - Low Morale


•Meet client expectations, carry out resource planning. •Evaluation on the basis of quantitative factors. •Lack of support from the organization. •High level of stress lead to many health problems.

1. 2. Organizations considered Risk Audit Examine the culture of the organization Examine issues regarding workload, schedules Examine employees level of control over work Interpersonal relationships at work Roles of employees Clear service level agreement developed Develop culture of learning

4. 5. 6. 7.

Course of Action
Unconventional & Creative• Teaching employees dancing, music, trekking etc. • Infosys focused on self awareness of employees through expert work shops. • Organizations conducted off-site picnics, games & inter departmental competitions. • Access to in-house counseling centers. • Considered employing psychologists for counseling.

Case 2 - Preventing data theft by employees
• Limit & Control access to Employees & Clients • Keep eye on everyone. • Form a clear policy on Data Theft & Follow strictly

Steps that can be taken to mitigate risk
• Develop clear policies for employees using your computer network. • Ensure that they understand what equipment and data they can access. • How they should handle confidential or business critical data. • Creating individual user accounts for all staff that have access to computer networks.

Action plan to prevent data theft in an IT or BPO firm
• Categorise the data ,e.g. Financial, personal, operational. • Identify critical data, e.g. Credit card details, personal addresses and phone numbers. • The impact on your business if this data is stolen • Where and how your data is currently stored and who has access to it both physically and electronically • How and when this information is used in your day-to-day operations and by whom. • After this risk analysis, control access to your computers and data • Install data loss prevention (DLP) software that can be used to disable USB ports or to monitor the copying of files to USB devices • Implement access and use policies

Case 3 - Steps taken by management to curb employee indiscipline
•Establish policies and programs to prevent or decrease issues of discipline. •Establish an employee assistance program-private resources, such as professional counsellors to assist employees with certain problems in living. •Create a progressive discipline program that contains a series of steps in correcting and shaping employee behaviour.

Alcohol & HIV Testing
• • • • • A Drug Free Place Program Treatment Program Testing Job Applicant Testing Routine Physical Testing By inviting experts who would spread awareness about the illeffects of alcohol & substance abuse.

If your company has decided on a testing policy, how would you go about implementing it?

• Determine Your Company’s Needs • Know the Resources You Have • Write the Policy • Decide if a Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is Needed. • Use of Drug Testing • Educate and Train

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