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Sales Dilemma

Technimotors Industries

Which is planning for its expansion and grow from regional player to national player. Kamlesh Pande always believed that his company’s success was in word of mouth and Quality that spokes itself. • CEO of company Mr. . • With a Vision of Growth he hire an Experience sales guy to lead his sales team who knows how to sell very well & how to get performance out of people under him.Company Profile • Technimotors Industries is a Midsize Engine Fabricator company.

Technimotors Industries Organization Structure KAMLESH PANDE CEO ARINDAM Sales Person AMRITA Sales Person SUNETRA Sales Person Other Existing Sales Guys .

New Organizational Structure KAMALESH PANDE CEO SANJAY CHOUDHARI Sales Head ARINDHAM AMRITA SUNETRA Sales Person Sales Person Sales Person Few Other Sales Guys Recruited By Sanjay Other Existing Sales Guys .

. Kamlesh Pande was worried about how his existing salesperson would react on appointment their new boss & how they would deal with increased expectation from him . • But Sanjay Chaudhary’s charm won them over and everybody was comfortable working under him.New Leadership • Mr.

Multimillion Dollar Deal with Bharat Motors • One fine morning Sanjay Received call Bharat Motors one of the Big Player in the business and they show interest in buying motors from Technimotors Industries. • Sanjay Choudhary Explains the his plane about how he is going to Deal with Bharat Motors Representatives. • CEO Mr. . Kamlesh Pande becomes very happy to work with such a BIGLEAGUE outfit like Bharat Motors.

• And here he is providing just what customer wants .Sanjay’s Plan to seal the deal • Sanjay Chaudhary plan to take Bharat Motors guys directly to Dinner as soon as they land in and then to the Strip Club. • But CEO couldn’t digest this easily. • Sanjay also adds that he remember from his past experience that some manufacturer even provided hooker’s to their customer to seal the deal. • While giving explanation to CEO Sanjay tells him that this is no new thing for our company and our Top Sales guy Arindham has done this in past to pull the business from competitor.

.Deal is Signed. Kamlesh that how is it Legal to take clients to Strip Club . • Sanjay takes this opportunity to justify his action Mr.. • CEO announces party to celebrate this success and tell his people that once again it has came down to workmanship. • Within a month Bharat Motor signed Multimillion Dollar deal with Technimotor Industries.

• She expressed her stand with Mr. Sanjay is actually producing bogus receipt for his expenses. Sanjay Choudhary. • She responds by her resignation but CEO asked her to hold for moment.Sales Persons started becoming uncomfortable • Amrita Company’s first sales person starts feeling uncomfortable upon asked to produce expenses report by Sales Head Mr. Kamlesh and tell him how Mr. . • She felt she is unnecessarily being questioned for her integrity and pressurized to meet higher goals.

Sanjay Choudhary felt offended . • But When actual meeting took place she was kept away from it by Mr. • This is because she felt that it will be better to Let Mr. Sanjay. . Sanjay to handle Galaxy Corporation which is approached by her would be an appropriate move seeing Mr.Another Salesperson feels offended • Sunetra one of the finest Sales person whose performance also appreciated by Mr. Sanjay Success with Bharat Motors Deal. Gender Equality Issue . • She Felt Discriminated.

Q1. Would Sunetra try to sue the company? Ans: No 1) Sunetra was an assertive woman (and she would have definitely fought back) 2) Extensive sales experience before joining Technimotors 3) Sunetra would know that communicating her thoughts would probably be the best solution .

If sunetra does not Sue the company 1) It would do world of good for the company as well as Mr Kamlesh It would help Mr. Sanjay ever understand the gravity of this problem? Will Gender Inequality be ignored? 2) 3) 4) . Kamlesh solve the existing problem between the employees BUT Will Mr.

Will Sunetra sue the company? Ans : YES 1) 2) 3) Gender Inequality Double Standard Taking away the credit .

. NEGATIVE EFFECTS: But If sunetra sues the company1) It would TARNISH company’s image.If sunetra sues the company 1) It will teach sanjay a good lesson 2) Double standards and Gender inequality hold no place in a company. 2) Things that could have been solved by having healthy discussions will be blown out of proportion.

• Mr. Sanjay expects accountability from persons under him but himself was producing fake bills. . • His sales team was initially charmed by Mr. • Mr. Sanjay Choudhary. Kamlesh Respond ? • Ans : • Present Situation : Problems In Sales Team • Mr.Q4. How should Mr. Sanjay and Aridham has used unethical ways to seal the deals. Kamlesh has started getting complaints against his Sales Head Mr. Sanjay’s qualities but later on it began developing feeling of being offended.

• And everyone should focus on workmanship rather following than “PROVIDING THE CUSTOMER WHAT THEY WANT” policy. • Sanjay should also not question their accountability every time as company have full faith on them and would not cheat. This will make sure that organization image wont get tarnished ever. • Company should not practice any unethical and illegal way to close the deal and rather focus on Quality if their products which spokes for itself.• Solutions to Problems : • CEO can have talk with his Sales Head to be soft on his team members (Sales persons) and shouldn’t pressurize them until and unless it is necessary. They should be treated with full respect. . • There should not be any kind of Discrimination within the team.

• On negative side company may loose highly efficient Sales guys who brought Big Business to company. • Follow stringent legal & Ethical practices. discrimination free environment and achieve target better . • It’s Positive and Negative implications : • On Positive side it will help sales team to work in stress free . Sanjay warning or directly firing him.• Alternative Solution : • Taking strict actions CEO can respond to complaints of his sales persons by giving Mr. .

• He will ask his Sales team to have ethical practices to some extent so that it wont tarnish company’s image. • This will help CEO to retain his most important guy from his business point of view and also will not make him feel bad. • In stead of taking strict decision or giving warning CEO Mr. • Means arranging the meeting with client in Restaurant / Bar will be acceptable but taking them to strip club and providing them hooker will not be accepted ever. Kamlesh Pande will have a advisory talk with Mr.• Optimum Solutions: • These will be in between Solutions and Alternative solution mentioned before. . Sanjay his sales head where he will amicably put all complains against him and ask him to avoid such actions in future and work as a part of team and not apart from team.

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