Concepts of HealthRelated Fitness PE 1002
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– Lab 1-A – Lab 1-B – Lab 1-E
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with your physician for exercise clearance if you have any doubts about your health.

What Do You Value In Life?      Do you care about your well being? Do you care about yourself? What are you doing to “care” for yourself? What are you doing that is not “caring” for yourself? How much do you value yourself? Value yourself enough to be healthy! – – – – – Normal weight Average fitness Clarity of mind Free of disease Minimize illness  .

Chapter 1: Concepts of Health and Wellness .

Physical Education: A Different Approach Unlike traditional PE .

Traditional PE  Skill related components of fitness – Required. especially. for success in sports .


Health Related Components of Fitness –Cardiorespiratory endurance –Muscular strength and endurance –Flexibility –Body composition .


Lecture.General Course Information     You will learn the importance of exercise and nutrition as it relates to good health. activity You won’t get “in shape” during class but you will learn “how” to improve your fitness level safely Course is designed to teach one: – how to development and maintain good health for a lifetime (not how to develop an athlete) . physical assessments (labs).

List Your Goals In Life: Sufficient Income? Family? Job Security?  What will help you meet your goals? – College Degree – Good Work Ethic  What will keep you from meeting your goals? – Lack of motivation – Lack of discipline – Poor health » Disease » Poor nutrition » Lack of exercise .

Course Purposes and Goals Learn how to live a healthy life vs. how to make a living  To prevent health problems through:  – Exercise – Lifestyle choices – Nutrition  Learn to be your own personal trainer .

” -anonymous .“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

exercise and good nutrition MUST be lifestyle choices  . disease free life?  Whether slender or overweight.Exercise is For Everyone!! Proper Nutrition is For Everyone!! Want to live a long. healthy.


dizziness. headaches Pale or flushed skin Extreme weakness and shakiness Cramping muscles Tightness in the chest . irregular heart rate Difficult breathing Nausea. vomiting.Begin exercising NOW Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)  Signs you are exceeding your limits:  – – – – – – – Rapid.


Are you developing a bright mind in a deteriorating body?  What good is when you lose your health?? .

. if not impossible to attain.What Is Health?  The absence of disease • Health is a personal value • Health is measurable – State of complete health. difficult.

Components of Health • • • • • • Physical Health Mental Health Social Health Intellectual Health Spiritual Health Balance these and you will have a good state of health .

peace. happier lives . joy (notice absence of anger and tearing down others) • Scientific studies show that those with a spiritual component live longer. healthier.Spiritual Health • Belief in a higher power • Includes altruistic behaviors • Denotes love.

Society’s Emphasis on Health • We are a health care society • We need to be a disease prevention society (focus on wellness) • Definition of wellness: • A process that will lead to optimal functioning • Wellness behaviors are observable .

Why All the Concern about Fitness and Nutrition?  Americans are out of shape and overweight – 27% do not exercise at all – 64% are overweight (110 million +) – 15% children overweight .

Hypo-kinetic Diseases  Diseases that result from sedentary lifestyle – – – – – – – – Coronary Artery Disease Hypertension Obesity Osteoporosis Maturity Onset Diabetes Ulcers Stress Low Back Pain .

000 per minute .Economic Cost of Hypokinetic Disease • More money is spent annually treating heart disease than any other illness. • 330 billion dollars spent • $40 million per hour • $ 666.

.Hypokinetic Diseases Pose a Real Threat To Our Nation  Hypo-kinetic diseases are the result of lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices account for 52% of the deaths in our nation   Lifestyle choices have the greatest effect on the health of our nation.

Other Than Diseases.000  . the following are the “Big Three” Causes of Death ~ All Preventable Tobacco – 400.000  Alcohol – 100.000  Physical Inactivity/Diet – 400.

U. unnecessary illness.S.” • Which course is the first to be cut from school curriculum? . and disability. preventing premature death. Surgeon General’s Report • “Regular moderate physical activity provides substantial benefits in health and well-being for the vast majority. Lack of regular physical activity is a serious threat to the health of our nation.

Physical Fitness • The capacity to adapt and respond favorably to physical effort. – The ability to engage in daily living activities without undue fatigue. • Activity must be regular to maintain fitness levels .

Aerobic Exercise       “With oxygen” – able to converse Continuous – (20 .5 times per week Whole body: running. swimming Strengthens the heart Primary activity for weight loss . walking. biking. with sustained elevated heart rate) 3 .60 min.

Anaerobic Exercise  “without converse)  Short duration  High intensity  Example: sprints oxygen” (unable to .

Benefits of Being Physically Fit • Lowers risk of chronic diseases and illness (CAD. strength. power) . cancer. strokes) • Decreases mortality rate from chronic diseases • Improves QUALITY of life • Improves posture and appearance • Regulates and improves all body functions • Hypertrophy (size.

Benefits Cont’d Develops greater lean body mass  Increases size and strength of the heart  Increases vascular system  Increases blood volume  Lowers resting heart rate  Lowers blood pressure  Helps prevent Type II Diabetes  .

functional age Motivates positive lifestyle changes  Helps control weight  .Benefits Cont’d Helps sleeping patterns  Prevents chronic back pain  Reduces anxiety / stress  Extends LONGEVITY  Reverses the aging process  – Chronological age vs.


Economic Benefits of Being Physically Fit • Lower medical costs (fewer insurance claims) • Increased job productivity • Decreased absenteeism . depression. and job turnover • Prevention of disability .

it would be the most widely prescribed drug in the history of mankind. .If exercise could be packaged into a pill.

Is Exercise Always Fun? .

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