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Whether you think you can or can`t , you`re right.

-- Henry Ford

Positive,I am always I always smile & am cheerful Mere Papa CA, hai na, sab mera hai My friends call me Hasmukh, na

Positive thinking is always synonymous with the ability to come-up with all the right decisions every time.


You should go further from just thinking positive, but develop Positives that work for you

Being positive works! Believe me

Brings success to your job Helps further your career Lets you hold on to that dear job, in crisis Have a more satisfying personal life

Know Your Positives

Attitudes Beliefs Skills

Positive Beliefs
Beliefs are the opinions or points of view that we develop over a time as a result of what we learn & experience

CASE - 1
At work
Sameer believes that management has

already decided who is going to get that new position

Sameer decides not to bother applying

for the new position. He is disappointed to learn that someone less qualified got the position he really wanted

CASE - 2
In relationships
Jina believes that nobody understands her or cares what


happens to her

Jina keeps her worries to herself. Her friends & family are unaware of her needs & offer her little support

Any belief causing self doubt about ones potential & ultimately leading to withdrawal or quitting is a BARRIER

Discover your beliefs

Beliefs Example Empowering Barrier

Work Search Learning opportunities Relationships

I will never get a promotion There are no jobs out there Learning can be fun People are basically good

Turn your barrier beliefs to empowering beliefs

OLD BARRIER BELIEFS I will never get a promotion NEW EMPOWERING BELIEFS I am good at my job. I will get a promotion if I keep improving my skills & learning more about the company

Attitudes are ways of responding to the world around us
Attitudes affect the way we think, act & feel

Positive thinking is reacting POSITIVELY to a negative situation

- Bill Havens

Skills that help to achieve goals in every area of life, from work to learning to relationships

1. 2. 3. 4. Communication Stress management Change resilience Career self reliance

Practice your positive communication

Read the following statements. If you actually spoke like this to people in this situation, would they react positively or negatively ? How would you re-write each of these statement positively ?

Analyze this ! !
Thats a dumb idea. We tried it before & it didn't work ! I cant stand listening to her complain about her Boyfriend all the time. No way! I am not staying late to get this done. I have to attend an engagement party. If you wish, you stay!

Practice positive communication EVERYDAY !

LISTEN at least once a day Notice body language of the people Notice your own body language Review the days communication Value thoughts, ideas, opinions & feelings of the other person Strive for winning outcomes for all involved

Stress Management
Stress is a physical, Chemical or emotional reaction that can cause tension in our mind & body

Change resilience
Ability to recover or bounce back into shape Change resilience is the process of responding successfully to changes in our own life & in the society around us

Developing Change resilience

Describe the change what will you loose as a result of this change Find out everything & all the effects of the change. Look for the positive aspects Take some time to digest & absorb the change Explore the positive aspects that result from this change

Testing our approach

Consider that you have just lost your job & the kind of work you do is not valued in the job market. The company wants you to do some contract correspondence for them. Apply the above process of change resilience in order to reach a positive outcome for yourself


Self reliance means you rely or depend upon yourself

Put yourself in-charge of your own career

Career self reliance in true sense

Taking charge of your own life, from learning opportunities to relationships Take responsibility of your own career Plan & manage your own learning & development at work

Test your career self reliance

- I know what my major interests & values are. - I can describe my skill strengths - I have direction & focus. I know what I want to achieve. - I take responsibility for maintaining & enhancing the quality of my work. - I have a plan for achieving my work goals - I have a plan for achieving my relationship goals - I have a plan for achieving my leisure goals - I am committed to life-long learning - I am satisfied with the balance I have created between work & leisure - I have plans for my personal development - I have plans for my career development


Areas to work on Steps towards growth or learning

Putting positives to work for you

Positive beliefs + Positive attitudes + Positive skills

Increased satisfaction & better results

Happiness it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort

- Franklin D. Roosevelt