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What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing technology Benefits of Cloud Computing Drawbacks of cloud computing Conclusion

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, Like the electricity grid. Key to the definition of cloud computing is the clouditself. Here , the cloud is a large group of interconnected computers.


Understanding Cloud Architecture :

How Cloud Computing Works?

Types Of Clouds :
Public Cloud : Private Cloud :

Understanding Cloud Services:

Any web-based application or service offered via cloud computing is calleda cloud

Browser accesses the cloud service

Cloud Providers

60 50

By 2012, the global market for cloud computing will be $95 billion, up from $16B in 2008
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40 30 51 20 10 0 Microsoft Google Amazon 16 14

7 Yahoo

7 Others

Numbers :
Numbers around CC are always impressive:
70% fortune companies 1000 will pay to use cloud computing services and 30% will pay for infrastructure.

At this moment, the 5 major search engines together have 2.000.000 computers

Market : $ 42 billon IDC $ 95 billion

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33% of IT business will be in Cloud Computing

Microsoft data centre in Chicago:

610.000 servers
10 10

Benefits of Cloud Computing :

Cost savings Very high Scalability Increased Data Safety

High Computing power

Location and Device independence Reduced Hardware equipment for end users In the event of a disaster data is usually not lost Ability to scale to meet changing user demands quickly

Drawbacks of Cloud Computing:

Often free services display ads You must have an Internet connection Doesnt Work Well with Low-Speed Connections If the company hosting the application goes out of business you may lose access to your data or application permanently Technical issues

Cloud Computing Article :

Conclusion :
Cloud Computing is the fastest growing part of IT

Tremendous benefits to customers of all sizes

Cloud services are simpler to acquire and scale up or down Key opportunity for application and infrastructure vendors

Public clouds work great for some but not all applications
Private clouds offer many benefits for internal applications Public and private clouds can be used in combination Economic environment is accelerating adoption of cloud solutions