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Overview Of Health Care

This system helps in disease management and preventive services. It provides very vital information like patients without an exam for certain time, patient with certain levels BP, patients who are taking a certain class of medication, patients who are suffering from a certain type of disease, screening and immunization information, Lab tests Results, etc.

Rules can be created for various time frames like a certain time period, last visit to the hospital, latest Data available Visit, across all visits. The system is completely dynamic in the sense; each user can have his own rule and his own conditions and can decide if he wants to be alerted for the patient meeting the rule or for not .

Health card system

The health card system is broadly divided into two categories. Firstly, Web based Application, which will collate, process information like, blood, sugar, b.p. and others use full , the information assist to doctors community to generate recommendations for each person a needed for a particular diesis also keeping the track of such records

Secondly, the websites of four testing labs and gove. hospitals along with the Department of health ministry, Government of india with some static information and some dynamic information are to be created. The dynamic portion will use HC database along with information on diesis and recommendations policies, decisions, programs etc. formulated for the benefit and improvement of health of our peoples.


The health card development project is divided into five modules or application systems. They are:
Health Card Module Action Plan management module Administration and security module

Health card module

.1 Function Function of this module is to generate and print the health card for the person. It will display a set of information related to a person regarding blood , sugar, b.p. And many more.

Action module

Function: The function of the Action Plan Module is to capture all kinds of information related to health and socio-economic data associated with location wise so that these inputs can further be used to decide about the effectiveness of the recommendations given to the person. This module will also produce different kinds of reports and analyses for the scientists/planners/doctor so as to enable them for better decision making.

Administration and Security Module

HC. Security shall be implemented to control access to functions and processes within the sub-systems as well as by assigning individual table access rights to each user. This would ensure full control over the updating or extraction of information within the HC. The default access for all users at all times will be read only. When a user runs a specific process the tables updated by that process shall be opened for the duration of the session only. The reason is that with open database connectivity users can access the database using spreadsheets, internet tools etc. which may lead to inadvertent change of the data. The access rights to specific tables must be altered in a controlled way by the process that updates these tables and re-set to read only at the end of the process.


Model View Controller

Model contains the B. L. of the

Application System.
Application System.

View is the User Interface of the Controller provide the interaction

between the model and view.


The analysis audience of this document includes the customer, i.e. The staff of the company and members of the software development team. All significant requirements related to the functionality, performance and other factors are covered by this document. Context free questions were asked to the management people belonging to different large organizations/institutes regarding how they would characterize a good output that would generate a successful solution Quality function deployment (QFD) is a quality management technique that translates the needs of the employee into technical requirements for software


The Data flow Diagram shows the flow of data. It is generally made of symbols given below :A square shows the Entity. A Circle shows the Process An open Ended Rectangle shows the data store. An arrow shows the data flow.

The DFD can be up to several levels. The 0 level DFD states the flow of data in the system as seen from the outward in each module. The first level DFD show more detail, about the single process of the 0 level DFD The second level DFD can show even more details and so on.


Healthcare Tables