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COLORPLUS:Redifinig the Rules of Promoting Apparel



and Gap. 9/18/12 Eddie Bauer.INTRODUCTION  Launched in 1993. Color Plus created a niche in the ready to wear market with a premium range of clothing for men. It was unknown entity in 1993 At that time ACL was a leading garment. . Ralph Lauren. manufacturer and exporter supplying to some of the leading international casual brands such as Banana Republic.

CORPORATE HISTORY  The brain of Vijay Mahtaney. the company was 1) It would target up the market young corporate executives. Rajendra Mudaliar & Kailash Bhatia determined to create a global brand for globalization. clear on two basic premises: Right from the beginning. 9/18/12 . 2) The brand would compete with International majors.

MAJOR FOCUS Brand Building of a premium casual wear. Focus only on quality selling of the product Innovative advertising strategy. 9/18/12 .

PRODUCT RANGE Casual Shirts 100% French Linen Wrinkle free Chinos Golf Ball Finish Cone dyed fabrics Luxury Chinos comfort Doric Columns Dimensions Swiss Compac Twin Spin Yarn 2/80 Twill Shirts Stain free finish Soft Jeans Diet Chinos Chequered Dobby 9/18/12 Moleskin .

9/18/12 .COLORPLUS USP Color Plus uses high quality fabrics and product engineering techniques. Gives the user unique comfort and tactile feel that no other brand offers. yet colorful look. This is clubbed with the use of colors to give the sophisticate. The Brand is known for its distinct Product focused advertising.

ADVERTISING STRATEGY No models were used for the advertisement Only print media was used here for its Branding All printings was colored to show-”Texture” and “Innovative Marketing”. This was adapted to catch the general 9/18/12 . interest of the people.

ISSUES Copy writing in print advertisement. strategy” Product focus as “communication 9/18/12 . Promotion of apparel brands in India. Product innovation quality in apparel industry Importance of perceived quality in enhancing “Brand Equity”.

PRINT + WORD OF MOUTH 9/18/12 .SUCCESS STORY 1) Colorplus adopted on innovative marketing communication strategy of using only Print medium to promote this product.

SUCCESS STORY 2) The Ad-campaign were mainly catalogue. Ad-campaign that showcased all the variants of the brand in term of color. designs and finish. Focus colors + fabrics + design + finishing 9/18/12 . fabric.

Health & Nutrition May 2011. Magazines (Grihshobha May 2011. Savvy May 2011. PROTMOTIONAL ADVERTISEMENT TOOLS USED IN 2011. Pg 173) News Papers Pamphlets Internet b.SUCCESS STORY 3) a. c. 9/18/12 . d. Style Speak May 2011.

CORPORATE GIFTING The company’s corporate gifting solutions division has unveiled a range of exclusively packaged superior brands that can reach out to consumers and leave a lasting impression . (Example: on festival occasions) 9/18/12 .

Thank You ! 9/18/12 .