Strategic Planning of Information Systems

By: Seema Purwar


IS/IT Strategic Analysis 5. Managing Application portfolio 7. Developing an IS/IT strategy 4.Strategic Planning of Information Systems 1. An Overview of Business Strategy Concepts and IS/IT Strategy Implications 3. The Evolving Role of Information Systems and Technology in Organizations 2. Strategic Management of IS/IT . Determining the Business Information Systems Strategy 6.

Strategies for information management: towards knowledge management. 10.Strategic Planning of Information Systems 8. Managing Investments in Information Systems and Technology 9. Managing the Supply of IT Services. Application and Infrastructure • Reference Book  Strategic Planning for Information Systems by Prof John L Ward and Joe Peppard .

the pressures on the particular organization or its industry to improve performance. capabilities of the technology. the skills and abilities available. 2. 4. the applications that are feasible. 5. the economics of deploying the technology. either in-house or from external sources. 1. . to develop the applications. 3.The Evolving Role of Information Systems and Technology in Organizations • Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology(IT) • E-business and E-commerce • Factors in using IS/IT .

Model of IS/IT in Organization .

MIS.IS/IT .Three Eras-DP.

Loss of control of IS/IT. 5. This can also lead to duplication of effort and data leading to inaccuracy and no coherent information resource. . No mechanisms for deciding optimum resource levels or the best means of supplying systems. Systems investments are made that do not support business objectives. 6. leading to individuals often striving to achieve incompatible objectives through IS/IT Systems are not integrated. etc. Poor management information. No means of setting priorities for IS projects/resources and constantly changing plans leading to lower productivity.• What is an IS/IT Strategy? • Why Have an IS/IT Strategy? 1. inaccurate or too slow. 4. 2. it is either not available. 3. inconsistent.

IS and IT stategies .Relationship between business.

not cost reduction Sharing the benefits Understanding customers Business driven innovation .• Classification of Strategic system     Share information with customers Use of information in organization value added process Enable organization to produce and deliver enhanced product and services Provide information for development of strategy • Strategic use of IT in Organization  Business process redesign  Business network redesign  Business scope redefinition • Success Factors In Strategic Information Systems       External Focus Adding value .not technology driven Incremental development .

Strategic alignment model .


Case studies .

Case Study .

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