• • • • Design Purchase of Materials Fabrication Inspection

• Finance • Human Resources • Corporate Law

Administrative and Support Activities
 The role of all Administrative and Support activities

is to support the rest of the organization in creating and delivering products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.
 EXAMPLE  Human Resources Department’s handling of the payroll so that employees get paid.  The Legal Department’s support to researchers in the Research and Development (R&D) Department in preparing and filing patent applications.

Functional Areas of A & S Processes
 The Administrative and Support operations of an

organization can be looked at as occurring in three related areas:
 

Administering the internal activities of the Organization. Supporting members of the organization in serving external customers. Supporting external customers in doing their business with the organization.
• Broadly include suppliers and other outside stakeholders

Historical Barriers to Quality Progress
Lower levels of training in systems and processes

• Engineering and other science-based disciplines.
Processes that are not highly visible because they are episodic and infrequently repeated

• Drafting legal contracts • Analyzing major investment projects • Dealing with turnover of team members
The belief that A & S Activities are not processes at all but are “an art rather than a science.

• Preparing an advertising campaign • Preparing a patent application • Managing an investment portfolio

Q UALITY based Improvements in Administrative and Support Operations
Doing things better Process

Quality + A&S Operations

Context Changing roles and relationships

Content Doing different things

How to Enhance Quality in A & S Activities

A. Quality Planning
• “Identify the customers and their needs. Develop a product that meets those needs. Develop a process capable of producing the product.” • Three aspects of quality planning
• Setting Breakthrough Goals • Competitive Benchmarking to Identify Improvement Opportunities • Cross-functional Process Re-engineering Projects

How to Enhance Quality in A & S Activities

B. Quality Control
• Flow Diagrams, Histograms, Pareto Charts, Run Charts, Cause-andeffect Diagrams, Control Charts, And Scatter Diagrams

C. Quality Improvement
• Examine the deficient process for root causes of the deficiencies and remove or mitigate the effects of the root causes

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