The SNS Difference

• Social Proof • Inner Game vs. The Science of Confidence

• Public Makeouts vs. The Power of Discretion

Social Proof
• Helpful in very small venues • Cialdini: It influences the decision-making process • Problem: Most girls are oblivious to their surroundings; constantly concerned with what people think of THEM • Problem: Can easily convey just the opposite message

Inner Game
• ALL research we’ve read in peer-reviewed studies show that the “Fake it ‘till you make it” model is what works

• Illusion of transparency
• Skillset Confidence that is derived from ‘positive thinking’ has been proven not to work • “Mindset” vs. “Inner Game” vs. “Confidence”

Public Makeouts
• The Good:
• You can easily gauge compliance • Definitely sets a strong sexual frame • Your buddies think you’re hot shit

• The Bad:
• You release sexual tension • You are demonstrating indiscretion • She might not be comfortable with The Implication

• Social Proof • Inner Game

• Public Makeouts

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