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 . with itself. which runs Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar stores.FUTURE VALUE RETAIL TO MERGE WITH PANTALOON RETAIL Future Group  Future Group India was established in 1994 Future Group firm Pantaloon Retail (India) merged its wholly-owned subsidiary Future Value Retail.

FUTURE VALUE RETAIL As India's leading retailer in the value space. utilizing retail space of more than 6 million sq ft. quality products and affordable prices.  .  Future Value Retail operates 148 Big Bazaar(2001) and 169 Food Bazaar(2002) .  All its stores are located in over 70 cities. Future Value Retail inspires trust through innovative offerings.

through over 15 million square feet of retail space.000 people directly from every section of our society. Around 220 million customers walk into our stores each year. we serve customers in 85 cities and 60 rural locations across the country. Headquartered in Mumbai.PANTALOON RETAIL  India’s leading multi-format retailer and a leader in sustainability and employment opportunity. We employ 35. .

 .  1992 An initial public offer (IPO) was made in the month of May. launch of Pantaloons trouser. launched in Kolkata. India’s family store. India’s first formal trouser brand.  1997 Pantaloons.1987 Company incorporated as Manz Wear Private Limited.

which sells furniture. Pantaloon Retail. where electronic goods are sold. and Ezone.Following the merger. a chain of department stores. which will be renamed Future Retail. which is an amalgam of a number of relatively small retail units such as Central.  The inclusion of Big Bazaar is intended to "strengthen" Pantaloon Retail. the publication noted. Home Town.  . will operate as a single holding entity for all the retail businesses.

31 crore over the same period in the previous year for the 12-month ended June 30.9% increase in finance costs in the quarter to INR323. compared to INR987.  . The company was hit with a 73.317 crore while profit after tax dipped 68% at Rs 36. 2012.8m).6m (US$3.  It posted an increase of 5.Net income for the quarter ended 30 June was INR211.8% in total income at Rs 7.68m.8m the same period last year.

05 crore as against Rs 76. . saw its net profit rising 272% to Rs 285.944 crore during the previous year. PRIL.327 crore in the year ended June 2012 as against Rs 3. the parent holding company.67 crore during the previous year on a standalone basis. Its sales rose 9.7% to Rs 4.

 .REASONS FOR MERGER Being made to cut operating costs  To "restore investor confidence“ after a precipitous decline in its share price.

ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES Advantages  "strengthens" Pantaloon Retail  Increase in total income Disadvantages .