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:a Pcb Designing Software

Journey from Concept to completion. . . PCB Designing : ARES
Isis to ARES netlist Predesigning Steps Design Parameters Exporting Layout 3D View

ARES a handy tool. It has very big library Efficient library search.(description , name, package type vise) Can design own package. Auto tracker, Auto placer and Auto saving. Provides MULTI-Layer Designing Easily available o/p formats(PDF, bitmap, XPS) 3D view 2 dimension(Mili-meter & inch(1000 th)(1th=25.4micrometer) Provides Measurement tool & writing tool

ARES PCB layout Software

Isis to ARES netlist (diagram to hardware design) Can design PCB manually and automatically Use of auto placer and auto router and auto save Pros and cons Reduces time and efforts Increases cost Produces Compaq design Always produces dual sided PCB

Pre-designing steps
Care to be taken. . .
You should have to prepare circuit design on paper You should known about your central element Define your border Follow inside outward topology 1st start with power supply Power supply arrangement by on board regulator or power jack or USB Place all the component and connect all of them through ratsnest mode

Practical parameter
Workspace & watch window & package window. Design rule manager Bottom and upper track Vias and pads Ratsnest mode(Provides shortest path) What should be track size?(30th-40th) What should be pad size?(70-30to80-30) Round pad v/s rectangular pad? Different snap size or resolution (up to 10um)

Practical parameter
Pick package(P)(text file) X-Y Coordinates(CTRL+G) Z-theta Can set Origin any where(o) Make package. Pan tool(F5) Different Grid(g) Cursor(x) Can change dimension(m) 2d Graphics and writing tool

Practical parameter
Can provide curved tack by drawing track with holding control button System tools to set parameter acc. to your preference How to change layer? How to select tracks and components alone? Auto track necking. Auto trace style selection. Connectivity highlight mode. Block copy and copy to clipboard Alignment mode(ctrl+a)

Practical parameter
3d view of package Write SOLD (x-mirrored) Right Click options Mitre(help to utilize pcb area) Trim Modify Edit Trace style Angle lock(45 and 50 deg) Why not 90 deg corners?(impadance,area,emi) Power plane Use as a.c. ground Reduces electro magnetic interference between two parallel tracks

Practical parameter
Develop 10 mm and 20 mm scale measurement for your reference. 3-D Visualization Export Graphics Layout Bottom copper should be x-mirrored. Top copper should not be x-mirrored. Resist layer must be inverted + x-mirrored. Get printed from pdf format by choosing page scale to none

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