Directing Philosophy


(Theatre’s Next Step) With the continued success of film as a medium to explore “realism” I believe that theatre has a responsibility to open its doors beyond 21st century standard realism technique to explore new and exciting theatrical experiences. As a director I am interested in: 1) Non-fourth wall conventions including concepts pulled from Expressionism, Brecht and devised work. These include but are not limited to direct address, audience interaction, and audience participation. 2) Somatic approaches to directing and acting technique. 3) Productions that explore theatre as something more than textual. 4) Challenging audiences. 5) Providing the audience with a gift. 6) Demonstrating the considerable need that individuals have for the arts.

To me there are very few things more sacred than the interdependency of the artistic mediums. I am heavily drawn towards theatrical texts and devised works that collaborate with music, dance, painting, sculpture, etc.

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