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Completing First Successful Year September 2012

PMCHAMP Birthday Celebration

In September 2012, PMCHAMP Online PMP Exam Preparation Coaching Program completes one full


Highlights of this year
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Over 500 Students enrolled from 59 countries
398 students have already completed the coaching and passed their PMP Exam. They are PMP Certified now!

Wow! We are so excited and Happy for them.

PMCHAMP Birthday Promotion The PMChamp PMP Coaching Package:  40+ hours of video training  40+ hours of audio of the Videos (to listen on your MP3 player while commuting or anytime)  35 Contact Hours Certificate upon completion  Flexible Study Plan – Complete in 3 weeks, or 6 weeks.  Full 90 Days Access to all Videos, Audios and Private, Member’s only Forum  Updated for 2012 PMP exam

PMCHAMP Birthday Promotion The PMChamp PMP Coaching Package:  45+ Downloadable PDF, Exam Tips, and Exam Question files  500+ Sample PMP Exam questions during the coaching  Formula Cheat Sheets provided  Daily Coaching Email to Keep you Focused  Access to Member’s Only Online Forum  Watch on any Internet Device – Phone, Computer, Tablet (You only need an Internet Connection)

PMCHAMP Birthday Promotion The PMChamp PMP Coaching Package:  Over 500 Successful Students to date!  7 day Money back guarantee  Updated for 2012 PMP Exam  PMI R.E.P. Approved  Tested, Proven, Trusted.

PMCHAMP Student Testimonials

Hi Vinai, I joined your course in the last week of June with the goal to take and pass the PMP exam in August.

I passed the exam today at San Jose , California.
I hear your voice in my sleep and your videos helped me to tackle the exam from a logical standpoint instead of memorizing.

There were at least 20 questions from EVM. Also there were lot of questions from Conflict Management and Risk mitigation/avoid etc. Thanks for helping me get the certification. God bless you, Arnab Guha, USA

PMCHAMP Student Testimonials
Dear Vinai, I would like to thank you for teaching and supporting me in a way so that I can achieve that big milestone in my career and I believe that without you it looks impossible to get the valuable PMP certificate. The Exam was tough and as everyone told us it is based on almost 75% situational questions. There are about 10 questions from EVM and about 10 questions from Network diagram which were quite easy. There are also about 7-10 questions on project selection criteria which are also relatively easy. I found the difficult part in some situational question and some of procurement question where i have a doubt in two choices. Again Thanks, Hammud Ur Rehman, BSS Engg, DPS Kuwait.

PMCHAMP Student Testimonials
I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP test last week. I do want to thank you for your help in getting me prepared for the test. I enjoyed the sessions very much and it was a tremendous help. Thanks again. Laura Yates, USA Vinai, I am really enjoying your teaching and I like the way you explain things. I had a 100 on the quiz. Second time since we started. I understand much better now about requirements than I had previously. Thank you. Tam Rodrigues, Student from USA. Tam passed the PMP Exam on Oct. 24, 2011.

PMCHAMP Student Testimonials
Hi Vinai, Just to let you know. I did pass the exam today on the second run. I wouldn’t have without PMChamp and your methodology. Ways better than any classroom training. You accompanied me day and night with the MP3s. Great idea to offer them as an option. I never felt wasting time when I was driving the car, went on business trips or on vacation and had my exercises always with me.

Although I feel drained and I wasn’t sure up to the last moment I think it was worth the effort and I wanted to personally thank you for being such a great trainer.
Thanks very much again and to repeat what you tell us: All the Best ! Bernd Liebe, student from Germany

PMCHAMP Student Demographics
PMChamp has students from over 59 countries
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USA Canada Mexico India Pakistan Germany France United Kingdom Singapore Italy Ukraine

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China South Africa UAE Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Nigeria Bahrain Egypt Australia Kenya Bangladesh, and more…

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