AUGUST 30, 2012

Neil Reyes Fauni

the sum of all goods and services produced within the country. of all the expenditure items.4 percent in the same period last year. except for Changes in Inventories. GNI (gross national income) grew by 5. "For the first semester.6 percent posted in the same period in 2011. Philippines . on the other hand. led by consumer spending and the improved growth of external trade. The National Statistical Coordination Board on Thursday announced that the economy grew 5. growth came from positive contribution.ECONOMY GROWS WITHIN GOVERNMENT TARGET MANILA. the Philippine economy in the second quarter grew within the government's target for the year.6 percent in the quarter from 2.3-percent growth in the first quarter of the year." the NSCB said. With the revised 6.9 percent from April to June. the economy expanded 5. "The resilient Services sector remained the main driver of growth supported by the sustained growth of manufacturing and the rebound of construction. between five and six percent this year." the NSCB added." the NSCB said. "On the demand side. although slower than its first-quarter expansion. pushed the gross national product to grow 5. Remittances from overseas Filipinos.4 percent from 3.0 percent in the first semester of 2011. .9 percent in the January to June period.Driven by the services sector. The government is targeting the boost the country's gross domestic product. faster than the 3.

what had driven this growth in the economy? Service sector  What  percent does our economy grows as compared to the same period last year? 5.9% as compared to 3.LET’S TALK ABOUT THE NEWS  What  government agency announced this good news? National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB)  According  to this agency.6% last year .

or education?  The present administration is at least on track and rather serious in addressing the problems of the country. Terms liked GDP.GUIDE QUESTIONS  How is the news related to Social Studies?  The news talked about the growth of the economy and the factors that had driven the mentioned growth. the environment. consumer spending. external trade and the like were discussed which are related to Social Studies. .  How did the news increase/ improve your awareness about politics.

.  What did you learn from the news?  I learned some of the factors that affects the growth of the economy.)  How important is the news to the Filipino people?  Growth in the economy is a reason for rejoicing of the Filipinos especially because of the poverty most of Filipinos are in to.GUIDE QUESTIONS (CONT.