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DS1 Define and Manage Service Level

Ensuring the alignment of key IT services with the business strategy

Focus on
Identifying service requirements Agreeing on service levels Monitoring the achievement of service levels

Free Powerpoint Templates

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DS1 Define and Manage Service Level Achieved by Formalising internal and external agreements in line with requirements and delivery capabilities Reporting on service level achievements (reports and meetings) Identifying and communicating new and updated service requirements to strategic planning Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4 .

DS2 Manage Third-party Services Objective Providing satisfactory third-party services whilst being transparent about benefits. and risks Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 . costs.

DS2 Manage Third-party Services Achieved by Identifying and categorizing supplier services Identifying and mitigating supplier risk Monitoring and measuring supplier performance Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 .

DS3 Manage PERFORMANCE AND CAPACITY Objective Optimizing the performance of IT infrastructure. resources and capabilities in response to business needs Focusing on Meeting respond time requirements of SLAs Minimizing downtime Making continuous IT performance and capacity improvements through monitoring and measurement Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 .

DS3 Manage PERFORMANCE AND CAPACITY Achieved by Planning and providing system capacity and availability Monitoring and reporting system performance Modeling and forecasting system performance Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8 .

DS4 Ensure Continuous Service Objective Ensuring minimal business impact in the event of and IT service interruption Focusing on Building resilience into automated solutions Developing. maintaining and testing IT continuity plans Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 .

DS4 Ensure Continuous Service Achieved by Developing and maintaining (improving) IT contingency Training on and testing IT contingency plans Storing copies of contingency plans and data at offsite locations Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 .

plans and procedures Monitoring.DS5 Ensure Systems Security Objective Maintaining the integrity of information and processing infrastructure Minimizing the impact of security vulnerabilities and incidents Focusing on Defining IT security policies. reporting and resolving security vulnerabilities and incidents Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 . detecting.

vulnerabilities and threats Managing user identities and authorizations in a standardized manner Testing security regularly Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12 .DS5 Ensure Systems Security Achieved by Understanding security requirements.

DS6 Identify and Allocate Costs Objective Ensuring transparency and understanding of IT costs and improving cost-efficiency through well-informed use of IT service Focusing on Complete and accurate capture of IT costs A fair system of allocation agreed upon by business users A system for timely reporting of IT use and costs allocated Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13 .

DS6 Identify and Allocate Costs Achieved by Aligning charges to the quality and quantity of services provided Building and agreeing on a complete cost model Implementing charges as per the agreed-upon policy Free Powerpoint Templates Page 14 .

DS7 Educate and Train Users Objective Effectively using applications and technology solutions Ensuring user compliance with policies and procedures Focusing on A clear understanding of IT user training needs Execution of an effective training strategy Measurements of results Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15 .

DS7 Educate and Train Users Achieved by Establishing training curricula Organizing training Delivering training Monitoring and reporting on training effectiveness Free Powerpoint Templates Page 16 .

DS8 Service Desk and Incidents Focuses on  A professional service desk function with quick response  Clear escalation procedures  Resolution and trend analysis Free Powerpoint Templates Page 17 .

DS8 Service Desk and Incidents Achieved by Monitoring and escalation procedures based on agreed-upon service levels relative to the appropriate SLA that allow classification and prioritisation of any reported issue as an incident. Measure end user’s satisfaction with the quality of the service desk and IT services to satisfy all the requirement of Business Free Powerpoint Templates Page 18 . service request or information request.

DS8 Service Desk and Incidents Controlled by Service Desk Registration of Customer Queries Incident Escalation Incident Closure Reporting and Trend Analysis Free Powerpoint Templates Page 19 .

• The customer kept informed of the progress • All staff involved Free Powerpoint Templates Page 20 . escalation. updating. prioritization. classification. Resolution and formal closure of all incidents. business impact.DS8 Service Desk and Incidents Incident Management Restore agreed service to the business as soon as possible or to respond to service requests Incident Management Requirement • All Incidents shall be recorded • Procedures shall be adopted to manage the impact of incidents • Define the recording.

DS9 Manage The Configuration Focuses on Maintaining accurate and complete repository asset Baseline Comparing against actual asset Controlled by Configuration Repository and baseline Identification and Maintenance of Configuration Items Integrity Review Free Powerpoint Templates Page 21 .

tracking and resolving operational problems. Incident and Problem Management Free Powerpoint Templates Page 22 .DS10 Manage Problems  Defining solution for identified operations problems  Investigating the root cause of all significant problems  Recording. Identification and classification of problems Problem Tracking and Resolution: All associated configuration items Outstanding problems and incidents Controlled Known and suspected errors by Tracking of problem trends Problem Closure Integration of Configuration.

DS11 Manage data Ensure the quality Completeness Timeliness Accuracy Availability Protection Data Controlled by  Business Requirement for Data management  Storage and Retention Arrangements  Media Library Management System  Disposal  Backup and Restoration  Security Requirement for Data Management Free Powerpoint Templates Page 23 .

DS12 Manage the Physical Environment Providing and Maintaining a suitable physical environment to protect IT assets from access. Achieved by  Implementing physical security measures. damage or theft. Controlled by      Site Selection and Layout Physical security Measures Physical Access Protection Against Environment Factor Physical Facilities Management Free Powerpoint Templates Page 24 .  Selecting and managing facilities.

DS13 Manage Operations Meeting operational service levels for scheduled data processing Monitoring and maintaining infrastructure Protecting sensitive output Controlled by Operations Procedures and Instructions Job Scheduling IT Infrastructure Monitoring Sensitive Documents and Output Devices Preventive Maintenance for hardware Free Powerpoint Templates Page 25 .

Free Powerpoint Templates Page 26 .

ME1 Monitor and Evaluate IT Performance Focus on Monitoring and reporting process metrics Identifying and implementing performances improvement actions Achieved by Collating and translating process performance reports into management reports Reviewing performance against agreed-upon targets and initiating necessary remedial action Free Powerpoint Templates Page 27 .

ME1 Monitor and Evaluate IT Performance Measured by Satisfaction of management and the governance entity with the performance reporting Number of improvement actions driven by monitoring activities Percent of critical processes monitored Free Powerpoint Templates Page 28 .

4 Performance Assessment ME1.ME1 Monitor and Evaluate IT Performance ME1.1 Monitoring approach ME1.3 Monitoring Method ME1.2 Definition and Collection of Monitoring Data ME1.5 Board and Executive Reporting ME1.6 Remedial Actions Free Powerpoint Templates Page 29 .

ME2 MONITOR AND EVALUATE INTERNAL CONTROL Focus on Monitoring the internal control process for ITrelated activities Identifying improvement action Is achieved by Defining a system of internal controls embedded in the IT process framework Monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of the internal controls over IT Reporting control exceptions to management for action Free Powerpoint Templates Page 30 .

ME2 MONITOR AND EVALUATE INTERNAL CONTROL Is measured by Number of major internal control breaches Number of control improvement initiatives Number and coverage of control self-assessments Control Objective ME 2.3 Control Exception ME 2.5 Assurance of internal control ME 2.4 Control Self-Assessment ME 2.1 Monitoring and evaluate Internal control framework ME 2.7 Remedial Action Free Powerpoint Templates Page 31 .2 Supervisory Review ME 2.6 Internal control at Third Party ME 2.

regulation & contractual requirement. regulations and contracts. • optimising IT processes to reduce the risk of non-compliance. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 32 .ME3 Ensure Compliance With External Requirement • Review process ensure compliance with laws. Focus on • identifying all applicable laws. • the corresponding level of IT compliance.

including settlements and fines Average time lag between identification of external compliance issues and resolution Frequency of compliance reviews Free Powerpoint Templates Page 33 .ME3 Ensure Compliance With External Requirement Achieved by Identifying legal. regulatory and contractual requirements related to IT Assessing the impact of compliance requirements Monitoring and reporting on compliance with these requirements Measured by Cost of IT non-compliance.

3: Evaluation of Compliance With External Requirement. ME3. ME3. Regulatory.4: Positive Assurance Of compliance.2: Optimization of Response to External Requirement. ME3. ME3.ME3 Ensure Compliance With External Requirement ME3.1: Identification of External Legal.5 :Integrated Reporting. and Contractual Compliance Requirement. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 34 .

• Educating IT procedures to personnel in their efficiently manage responsibility for the risk of noncompliance compliance. plans. regulation. requirements related Provide alignment of to IT IT policy. and contracts PROCESS • ACTIVITY • Identifying legal. reporting on compliance with external requirements Free Powerpoint Templates Page 35 . regulatory and Identify level IT contractual compliance. • Assessing the impact Minimize the of external business impact of requirements identify compliance • Monitoring and issue within IT.Goal IT • • Ensure IT compliance with laws.

and responding governance requirements in line with board directions Free Powerpoint Templates Page 36 . processes. Delivered in accordance with enterprise strategies and objectives. Focus on Preparing board reports on IT strategy. leadership. roles and responsibilities. performance and risks.ME4 Provide IT Governance Establishing an effective governance framework. Ensure that enterprise IT investments are aligned. Defining organisational structures.

ME4 Provide IT Governance Achieved by Establishing an IT governance framework integrated into corporate governance Obtaining independent assurance over the IT governance status Measured by Frequency of board reporting on IT to stakeholders (including maturity) Frequency of reporting from IT to the board (including maturity) Frequency of independent reviews of IT compliance Free Powerpoint Templates Page 37 .

5 Risk Management ME4. ME4.ME4 Provide IT Governance Control Objective ME4.6 Performance Measurement ME4.7 Independent Assurance Free Powerpoint Templates Page 38 .1 Establishment of an IT Governance Framework.4 Resource Management ME4.3 Value Delivery ME4. ME4.2 Strategic alignment.

THE END… Any questions??? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 39 .

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