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August 17, 2012

OUTLINE According To Years Patent Mapping Oxygen-Scavenger Manufacture Classification of Oxygen Absorbers in Japan Raw materials Commercial applications Formulation .

INTRODUCTION ABOUT OXYGEN SCAVENGER SYSTEM • They are the active packaging. • They are mainly used for food and pharmaceutical applications • To limit the amount of oxygen available for deteriorative reactions that can lead to reduced functionality of the product .

PATENT MAPPING ACCORDING TO YEARS Patent Mapping According To Years 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 4 3 3 2 2 4 6 1 .

Inc. 10% General Mills Chevron Phillips Marketing. DU Pont DE Nemours and Company E. 4% Mitsubishi Gas Mulstisorb Chemical Technologies. LLC 4% Evergreen Packaging Inc. 4% General Mills Cereals. 4% Tenneco Packaging Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. 2% 2% Teva Pharmaceuticals USA. 2% 2% E. I. 12% Cryovac. Company. Chemical Company 6% LP 6% . Development. DU Pont DE 4% Nemours and Company 2% Colormatrix Holdings. 6% Multisorb Technologies. 2% Pactiv Corporation 27% Unspecified (No Assignee of Record) 4% Perfecseal. I. Inc. Inc.PATENT MAPPING ABOUT OXYGEN SCAVENGER MANUFACTURES King Graham Packaging Pharmaceuticals PET Technologies Research & Inc.

PATENT MAPPING 1977 Japanese Oxygen-Scavenger Manufacturers 1978 1979 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Keplon Oji Kako Toppan 1980 Keplon™ Tamotsu™ Ageless® Freshilizer™ Vitalon™ Toagosei Chemical Industry Nippon Soda Hakuyo Secule™ Sansoless™ Sansocut™ Modulan™ Wonderkeep™ Oxyeater™ Sequl® 1986 1987 1988 1993 Finetec Nippon Kayaku Powdertec Ueno Seiyaku Dai Nippon .

5 day Frozen. aW < 0. nuts High aW(aW >0. cakes .65). +3–25°C.3.85) 3 days at -25°C 0. cakes.5 day Catecho Self-working Medium aW(aW <0.65). raw fish High aW (aW >0. bakeries 0.PATENT MAPPING Classification of Oxygen Absorbers in Japan Function Reacant Typical Applications Properties Application Dry. tea.65).65). nuts Self-working Iron O2↓ Moisturedependent Pastas Medium aW(aW <0. dried beef Absorption Speed 4–7 days 1–3 day High aW (aW >0.

nuts High aW(aW>0.PATENT MAPPING Classification of Oxygen Absorbers in Japan Function O2↓ & CO2↓ Reacant Iron and calcium Ascorbic acid O2↓ & CO2↑ Organic acid and iron Iron and ethanol on zeolite Typical Applications Properties Application Absorption Speed 3–8 days 1–4 days Self-working Roasted/ground coffee Self-working Moisturedependent Moisturedependent Medium aW(aW >0.3 <0.85).85).5). cakes High aW(aW>0. cakes O2↓ & Ethanol ↑ .

PVOH.PATENT MAPPING ABOUT RAW MATERIALS RAW MATERIALS Polymer polyethylene terephthalate US006083585 polyethylene naphthalate US006083585 Nylon 6 resin US2010/0255231 A1 LLDPE.2-polybutadiene US6287481 B1 EVOH. magnesium US6544611 Additive Mineral oil US 2010/0255231 A1 Maleic anhydride US6346308 Irgonox 1010 antioxidant US6610215 formaldehyde US20040048011 palladium US20040048011 Photo initiators OsO4 US6509436 benzophenone masterbatch US6287481 B1 antimony oxide US6544611 . viscose US20040048011 Reactant cobalt neodecanoate US6287481 B1 iron particulates (4-5um) US2010/0255231 A1 cobalt octoate US6288161 B1 zinc acetate. Nylon US6288161 B1 Cellulose. zinc oxides US6544611 manganese. 1.

S.PATENT MAPPING COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS Reduced iron in sachets Modified-atmosphere–packaged fresh-chilled pasta Dry beef snacks Precooked poultry master packs Incorporated into the core layers Polyester beer. military ration items NASA (shelf-stable tortillas) . juice and ketchup bottles Closure liners for beer bottles A few pharmaceuticals and medical supplies Candy Real bacon bits Macadamia nuts in jars Pepperoni chips Fresh red meat distribution package Bulk peanuts Bakery goods Regenerated collagen sausage casings Several shelf-stable U.

FORMULATION • Formula 1: US 2010/0255231 A1 Components Iron particulates (4-5 um) Sodium bisulfate and sodium chloride composite powder Nylon 6 resin Mineral oil 5 or 20 FreshBlend (oxygen scavenger) Custom Resins Nylene 3411 Surfactan Ratio for weight (%) Function Trade name and Supplier 95 or 80 0. Or optionally water cooled prior to pelletizing.2 wt % The extruder was set at 2500C for all the heating zones and a die temperature at 2600C The extruded strands were air cooled. .

5 mils 0.1 mils 0.2 mils Component 20% LLDPE*: 80% LDPE** blend low rate oxygen scavenging material of 9:1 ratio of oxygen scavenging polymer to metal catalyst 20% LLDPE : 80% LDPE blend low rate oxygen scavenging material of 9:1 ratio of oxygen scavenging polymer to metal catalyst 20% LLDPE : 80% LDPE blend C D E 2.FORMULATION • Formula 2: US 6682791 Layers A B Thickness 0.5 mils *linear low density polyethylene **low density polyethylene .5 mils 0.

Dow Chemical B830. Exxon Exxon EVA-9 (ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer) cobalt neodecanoate benzophenone masterbatch The inner oxygen scavenging layer Reactant Photoinitiator A three-layer oxygen scavenging film was prepared by a flat coextrusion process. The final concentration of cobalt in the scavenging layer of the film was 540 ppm as cobalt metal. JSR (Japan Synthetic Rubber) Vistalon® 3708.FORMULATION • Formula 3: US 6287481 B1 Components LLDPE 1. and the final concentration of benzophienone was 0 5% .2-polybutadiene EPDM rubber 68% 12% 20% Ratio for weight (%) Function The outer layers of the film The inner oxygen scavenging layer The inner oxygen scavenging layer Trade name and Supplier Dowlex® 3010.

01% The OSL layer lrganox®) 1076 from Ciba-Geigy .5 /0.2/0.5% 0. stabilizer 0.FORMULATION • Formula 4: US 6287481 B1 Components Saran coated PET//EVA/OSL/LLDPE Ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer layer SBS LDPE EVA 50% 40% 8.54% The OSL layer The OSL layer The OSL layer Ratio for weight (%) 0.050% Reactant Photoinitiator The OSL layer Ten-Cem® from OMG.90% 0. Inc.48//1.3 mil) Function Trade name and Supplier Rexene PE1375 Vector®8508 from Dexco Chevron PE1017 Quantum cobalt neodecanoate benzophenone CaO 0.

• They are mainly used for food and pharmaceutical applications • They are the most patented of all active packaging technologies (with at least 50 patents through 1989 and 20 issued from 1990 to 1994) • They are important for our life • The economics • Health • Environment .CONCLUSION • Oxygen scavengers is active packaging which have two types and mechanisms of action • Iron-Based Systems • Oxygen Scavenging Polymer Materials.

• Cook.” U. “Oxygen scavenging compositions. 222. M.361. September 13.Appleton.Wisconsin. 1999. L.Inc. “Composite materials. L. and Strupinsky. • Rooney.048. • • Valyi. Originally Published by Technomic Published [Online]. “Stealth Scavenging Systems: A Remarkable Breakthrough Technology. A. E. http://www. Active packaging for food applications.html?p=1&edit_alert=&srch=xprtsrch&q uery_txt=oxygen+scavenger+packaging&uspat=on&date_range=last20&stemming =on&sort=relevance&search=Search . R. 2001.George O. June. R.. 1993a. Kline.. Chicago.”Proceedings of “OxygenAbsorbers: 2000 and Beyond” Conference. P. Patent 4.S. Schroeder” PCT Patent Application PCT/AU93/00598.freepatentsonline. Emery. 1977. L.REFERENCES • Brody.

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