Innovative Applications of Aluminium in Contemporary Building Construction Product evolution on issues of Energy saving

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ENERGY: The facts
• Energy consumption in buildings often increases by spending without control and responsibility.
• The climate is dynamically changing, and weather conditions become unpredictable. • High energy consumption appliances are extensively used for residential purposes (air conditioning, etc.) • Intensity of Population concentration into urban centers

• Continuous price increases in carburant, petrol, gas, etc.
• Consumers become more and more eco-conscious • European Union norms and regulations regarding energy consumption

Energy spending in selected buildings

Source : Site Greenpeace

Bioclimatic design and contemporary building improvement
The main sectors to reduce energy saving and enhance bioclimatic design of buildings • External building nutshell, “envelope” (heat insulation, thermally broken systems, solar systems, etc.) • Utilization of structural elements of buildings

Source: Site CRES

Thermally broken systems
1. Certified hinged thermally broken Systems for thermal insulation, water resistance, air permeability and sound reduction
For buildings thermal protection during winter and summer, with consideration of sound insulation too.

Aesthetical and Special solutions


Curtain wall Systems
For high aesthetical requirements, respect to surrounding area, fully deliberating the architects ideas and creativity, solar protection by using of special types glass panes. Certified from international tests laboratories.

“Passive” solar systems


Skylight Systems For the use of greenhouse as a passive solar system enabling sufficient lighting inside.

Sun shading

4. Sun shading Systems For the solar protection of the buildings, aluminium solar shading systems, with fixed or adjustable blinds into various sizes and dimensions.

Bioclimatic building of RC TECH
According to CERS calculations, an energy saving up to 32% per year is expected !!!

RC TECH building
• M11000 Alutherm Plus – hidden sash • Μ300 Falcon

• M4T Solar Structural




Grecotels (Athens Plaza-King George)
Hotels are buildings with particular requirements in terms of sound insulations…

Grecotel (Athens Plaza-King George)
• Μ300 Falcon Alutherm • M23000 Forestal
M11453 M11453

Hotel Royal Olympic
Double cell curtain wall

Hotel Royal Olympic
• Μ5 Solar ECO • M6 Solar Standard Alutherm • M11500 Alutherm Super Plus

• GEZE Automation





• Μ6 Solar Standard Plus • M5600 Solar Shading • M11000 Alutherm Plus


• Μ5600 Solar Shading • M3 Solar Semi-Structural



W= 671 gr/m P= 196 mm

W= 3730 gr/m P= 715 mm


W= 671 gr/m P= 196 mm

Thermally broken Systems
Hinged • M 11500 ALUTHERM SUPER PLUS : The most advanced certified system for thermally broken frames, with a sash width of 76,5 mm, heat insulation Group 1.0 and indicator Uf = 1,5-2,1 W /(m2 K) M11000 ALUTHERM PLUS: Reliable certified hinged system, with a basic sash width of 62,5 mm and heat insulation Group 2.1 and indicator Uf = 2,5 W /(m2 K)

M20000 APOLLO ALUTHERM: Hinged system with steel pvc-groove safety mechanism, based on the characteristics of M11000 ALUTHERM PLUS. Uf = 2, 5 W/(m2 K)
M 9650 ALUTHERM LIGHT: Light economic hinged system with a sash width of 50 mm and heat insulation Group 2.2 and indicator Uf = 2,98 W /(m2 K)

Thermally broken Systems
Sliding • M 300 FALCON ALUTHERM: The sliding thermally broken proposal for wide openings with dual movement “lift-and-slide”, gaskets instead of brushes, sash width of 62,5 mm, certified from ETC Labs - USA S 400 PREMIER ALUTHERM : Sliding thermally broken system for wide openings composing a cost effective alternative to M300 Falcon, based on a sash width of 45 mm S 300 DELUXE ALUTHERM: Thermally broken sliding system with a sash of 38 mms and large visibility (glazing) surfaces S 100 ALUTHERM LIGHT INOX : The most economic solution from Alumil for light thermally broken sliders, based on a sash of 32 mm

• •

Thermally broken Systems
Curtain wall systems • M 6 SOLAR STANDARD ALUTHERM: Standard or Structural thermally broken curtain wall certified from IFT ROSENHEIM in the higher category of all test that was submitted (wind pressure and insulation, heat insulation, water insulation) and indicator Uf = 1,5-2,1 W /(m2 K) M5T SOLAR ECO: Among the very few double-shell systems for facades in the global market, aimed at projects with increased thermal insulation requirements M3T SOLAR SEMI STRUCTURAL: Contemporary system for semi-structural curtain walls, with a 16 mm gap between the grids. Available in plain and thermally broken M4T SOLAR STRUCTURAL: The particular system uses the same structural elements with the M3 Solar Semistructural , and is also available in plain and thermally broken version. It’s basic difference is the absence of visible aluminium from the faceview, creating a continuous surface of glazing

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CE marking
CE Marking • Curtain walls . Which systems has been certified and what kind of certificates does it carry?

• Aluminium Systems (windows). What has been certified.. system or typology - with which results?

The Architect

New era in the market due to CE, so select partners:
• • • who have certified systems and elements who train and educate aluminium fabricators who use testing chambers for their fabricators