luke myer

• Semiotics is the study of signs.

• Within Media Studies, it’s useful for building interpretations when analysing the construction of a media text.

Pink The contrasting ideas of a ‘feminine’ colour with the masculine theme of the magazine make it stand out from similar media. This gives the magazine a strong identity.

FHM The use of initials, as opposed to a full title, could be considered a masculine, shorthand technique. Additionally, though, it implies product familiarity- the audience knows the brand well. The large, bold capitalization of the title indicates dominance and masculinity; giving the reader an idea of the intended demographic.

Contrast The skin tone contrasts with the standard blackwhite-and-pink scheme of the cover, making it stand out; however, the model’s clothing follows the scheme, so as not to clash.

Kelly Brook Nudity of the model is suggestive of male superiority, and entices the audience to buy the magazine.

Includes extra information, coloured starkly, designed to stand out to the audience.

Positioned in a side column, which produces a clean, professional look to the overall cover. Contrasting colours and sizes attract attention to the subheading. The text is comprised of very simplistic, bold statements- individual words, which draw the audience’s eyes.


Bold and clear, attracting attention. Capitalized, black text gives a masculine feelwhile also conveying an idea of importance and interest to the feature.

• This analysis has helped us determine the aim of the magazine, and how it is targeted. • Its target audience, clearly, is 25-30-y.o. men. • The magazine’s content can be essentially summed up by its’ tagline; “Sexy Girls, News, and Men’s Fashion”.

luke myer