GFRC COMPOSITION: • • • • Portland Cement Fine Aggregate Water Alkali-Resistant (AR) Glass Fiber Source: Source: .stonewear.stonewear.

interlock-concrete.GFRC APPLICATIONS: • • • Exterior Ornamentation Interior Details Landscape Furnishings Source: Source: Source: .

com .GFRC ADVANTAGES: • • • • • • Light weight (90% less than concrete) Limitless opportunities for architectural expression Weather Resistance Surface can be left uncoated Class A Fire Rating CHEAP! Source: www.architecturalfacades. .com Source: www.artisticarchitecture.GFRC DISADVANTAGES: • • • • • Used as NON-loadbearing only Requires separate anchorage system for installation Large panels must be reinforced Color additives may fade with sunlight May have different absorption rate than adjacent historic material Source: www. .GFRC CONCLUSION: BEFORE AFTER Source: Source: Source: www.archprecast.

FL. <http://www.stonewear. April 25. Carson City. April 25th. Ft.archprecast.htm> • Park.htm> • Stonewear: Composite Stone Products. < Sharon C.historichomeworks. Myers. NV.> . 2003. The Use of Substitute Materials on Historic BuildingExteriors. 2003. April 25. < http://www..REFERENCES: • APA: Architectural Precast Association.