the Portuguese are interned on Dejima 1639: Portuguese ships are prohibited from entering Japan. 1571: Nagasaki Harbor is opened for trade. 1561: Following the murder of foreigners in the area of the Hirado clan. 1580: Omura Sumitada cedes jurisdiction over Nagasaki and Mogi to the Jesuits. 1570: Christian daimyo Ōmura Sumitada make a deal with the Portuguese to develop Nagasaki. six town blocks are built.1550: Portuguese ships visit Hirado. the Portuguese are banished from Dejima . It closes in 1641 when it is moved to Deshima. 1588: Toyotomi Hideyoshi exerts direct control over Nagasaki 1609: The Dutch East India Company opens a factory in Hirado. Portuguese began to look for other ports to trade. 1634: The construction of Dejima begins. the first Portuguese ships enter. 1636: Dejima is completed. Consequently.

The shogun Iemitsu ordered the construction of the artificial island in 1634. to constrain the Portuguese merchants living in Nagasaki Shimabara Rebellion .In 1543 Portuguese traders were the first to land in Japan. on Tanegashima In 1570 daimyo Ōmura Sumitada converted to Catholicism and made a deal with the Portuguese to develop Nagasaki.


particularly surgery.• From 1641 to 1874. . Deshima became known throughout Japan as a center of medicine. and astronomy • Many samurai travelled there for Dutch studies (Rangaku). military science. from early on • In the 1720s the shogun Yoshimune. relaxed restrictions on books that could be imported at Nagasaki. there were 606 Dutch ships arrived at Deshima during their settlement • Dutch merchants were generally not allowed to cross from Deshima to Nagasaki • . eager to increase domestic production of goods that had to be imported. • The little Dutch station at Deshima played a role in the transmission of medical techniques.

By and by he managed to win the confidence of Tokugawa Ieyasu inspite of the interference of the Portuguese.In 1600 a Dutch ship. who denounced the Dutch as pirates. the Liefde arrived in Usuki Bay in Kyushu with 24 halfstarved men . This was the beginning of exclusive trade relations between Japan and the Dutch East India Company that would last for nearly 250 years .23 Dutch and one Englishman Will Adams was the captain of the Liefde.


The 25 local Japanese families who owned the real estate received an annual rent from the Dutch. the island of Dejima was part of the city of Nagasaki. Dejima was a small island. gatekeepers. and a supervisor (otona) with about fifty subordinates . 120 by 75 meters The Dutch were watched by a number of Japanese officials.On the administrative level. night watchmen.

the newly appointed director for the Deshima trading post in 1817.TITIA COCK BLOMHOFF One courageous woman named Titia accompanied her husband Jan Cock Blomhoff. .

. von Siebold came as a physician to the Dejima trading post His presence had also an important impact on Japan by bringing Western medicine to the country.PHILIP F. VON SIEBOLD 1796-1866 Philip F.