• The metal yarns are known for about 3000 years. • The gold and silver filaments were the first man-made yarns. • Since ancient times gold and silver metal yarns have been used for decoration in sarees known as “zari”.

• More recently, aluminum yarns, aluminized plastic yarns, and aluminized nylon yarns have replaced gold and silver. • Metal yarns have found intensive place in the technical textiles.

• MADE of Gold, Silver, Aluminum, copper, Iron, Steel etc. • Metallic yarns are blended with other fibres such as wool, nylon, cotton, and synthetic blends to produce yarns which add novelty effects to it and enhance its physical and chemical properties. • Metal yarns are composed of
– – – – Metal Plastic-coated metal Metal-coated plastic Core completely covered by metal

• • • • • • • • • High Luster High Strength High temperature resistance Chemically stable Highly Conductive Flexible Cut resistance Radiation Proof Antistatic behaviour

Manufacturing process
• Coating process :
– Aluminium metalized PET ( polyester ) film is lacquered with protective epoxy resin to keep a shiny looking metalized surface.

Wide cutting / Pancake process : Protective lacquered film is cut into 2” to 5” wide pancakes.

• Micro slitting & winding process :
– Wide cut pancake roll is slit into various sizes while film passes through a cutting head and being wound on spools ( about 450pcs of spools ). – The speed of the winder is 2.5% to 5% higher than that of the cutter. – This process requires intensive tension control and oiling.

• Bobbin winding process : – Yarn is spooled on well balanced Bakelite bobbins. • Cone winding process : – Bobbins are re-wound into tapered paper cones. Tension control by an accurate gauge is being finished at this process.

High end fashion garments

Fancy yarns and High Fashion Garments Embellishing apparels, braids, draperies, laces Upholstery and Home furnishing Sports Wear
Integrated textile keypad sleeve integrated communication device

Filters and other automotive parts
Smart textiles. Space suits and Space Craft Parts Protective Clothing

Protective garments

Space suits

• 􀀹 Multi-Functional Textiles • 􀀹 Sensing yarn, woven/knitted into garments. • 􀀹 Intelligent textile applications. • 􀀹 Heat able textiles.

Care Instructions
Professionally dry cleaned
Do Not Bleach Do Not use Dryer Do not Iron

• • • • • • Dow Chemical Co. Fairtex Corp. Melton Corp. Reynolds Metals Co. Standard Yarn Mills Sildorex SA, France Lurex Fairtex Melton Re Aluminium Lame Lurex C, Lurex TE.

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