Industry Readiness in Competitive Environment K.V.S.

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Good News

India Inc. is flying high Many Indian firms have slowly and surely embarked on the Global path Emergence of the Indian multinational companies.

American and Chinese people .acquired a Daewoo Commercial Vehicles unit Dr Reddy's Laboratories First Asia Pacific pharmaceutical company outside Japan to list on the New York Stock Exchange in 2001.The Reality     Tata Motors sells Indica in the UK through a marketing alliance with Rover . Bharat Forge World's second largest forgings maker . German. Asian Paints among the 10 largest decorative paints makers in the world and has manufacturing facilities across 24 countries.workforce includes Japanese.

.The Reality    About 80 percent of revenues for Tata Consultancy Services comes from outside India Infosys has employees from 33 nationalities other than Indian .has marketing offices across the world Sundram Fasteners believes in thinking out of the box.

only 23 per cent of the MBA grads are employable.400 MBA colleges producing 100. .000 MBA graduates annually. reveals a PAN India study by MeritTrac — an independent assessment company. On the other hand.000. India Inc’s annual requirement is 128.Indian Dilemma   Out of 1.

India Inc’s annual requirement is 128.400 MBA colleges producing 100. On the other hand. reveals a PAN India study by MeritTrac — an independent assessment company. .000 MBA graduates annually.000. only 23 per cent of the MBA grads are employable.Indian Dilemma   Out of 1.

Indian Dilemma  According to McKinsey Global Institute survey results. . ―India produces 360.000 graduates in arts/science/commerce.000 engineering graduates. 600.‖ And only 25% of engineering graduates and 10% of other graduates are employable.

8. 10. Ananthapur (JNTU-A) JNT University. Hyderabad (JNTU-H) JNT University. 9.R. Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) Adikavi Nannaya University (AKNU) Andhra University (AU) Dr.R. 2. .G. 4. 7. 6. B. Ambedkar University (BRAU) Dravidian University (DU) JNT University. Kakinada (JNTU-K).Universities in AP 1. Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU) Dr. 5. 3. Acharya N. B.

K. 23. 16. 12. 19.V.Universities in AP 11. Kakatiya University Krishna University Mahatma Gandhi University Osmania University Palamur University Rayalaseema University S. 20. 15. 18. University S. 14. 13. University Satavahana University Sri Padmavati Mahila Viswavidyalayam (Women’s University) Telangana University Vikrama Simhapuri University Yogi Vemana University . 21. 22. 17.

AP Scenario   MBA Colleges – 892 MCA Colleges – 660 .

and obtaining new employment if required (Hillage and Pollard.Employability   Employability refers to a person's capability of gaining initial employment. 2004). maintaining employment. . 1998). but also on how one stands relative to others within a hierarchy of job seekers‖ (Brown and Hesketh. ―Employability not only depends on whether one is able to fulfill the requirements of specific jobs.

6 Categories of Skills Important to Employability (ASTD)       Basic competency Communication Adaptability Developmental activities Group effectiveness Influencing others .

computation) Communication (speaking.How?       Basic competency (reading. career planning) Group Effectiveness (interpersonal. writing. motivation and goal setting. negotiation) Influencing (understanding organization culture. creative thinking) Developmental (self-esteem. listening) Adaptability (problem solving. teamwork. sharing leadership) .

What Industry Expects?   Industry looks for a different mix of skills. abilities. capabilities and competencies in potential hires depending on the business it’s in Industry also looks for multi skilled individuals .

Employer’s Checklist     A breadth of business understanding of management principles Specific tools for analysing strategic issues and options The ability to identify priorities in courses of action Presentation and communication skills .

The Need  The "hard skills"     The "soft skills ―        Economics Finance Marketing Operations Management & Accounting Leadership Teamwork Ethics & Communication .

decision-making and analytical skills. and collaborative focus? Do I have a strong personal sense of direction.        Do I possess entrepreneurship and leadership capabilities? Are I competent at language and communication skills? Do I possess a non-judgmental attitude.. interpersonal skills. humanistic values. selfdiscipline and ethics? Are I able to define who you are in terms of what is important to you? Are I able to describe what kind of lifestyle you desire and what level of financial security you aspire to? Can I define what job satisfaction means to you? .Ask yourself.

MCA Specialisations           Systems Management Systems Development Systems Engineering Application Software Internet Management Information Systems (MIS) Software Development Troubleshooting Hardware Technology Networking .

.MCA Positions       Software Programmer Software Developer Software Engineer Systems Analyst Software Application Architect Software Consultant.

‖ Peter Hawkins . to be employable is to be secure.Finally…  ―To be employed is to be at risk.