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License and embed Phantom 400,000 + enforcement and safety POIs inside NAVTEQ MAPs and navigation apps.

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Drivers Helping Drivers

Obey Traffic Laws Through GPS & SmartPhone Technology

Your GPS is no longer just for navigation. It can help you avoid costly traffic tickets.

Do you know where all the Speed Traps & Cameras are? We


What PhantomALERT does:

Manage the worlds largest database of enforcement and safety locations (POIs) for PNDs and SmartPhones. Help drivers avoid costly traffic tickets by helping them obey traffic laws. Transforms most PNDs and SmartPhones into red light, speed camera, speed trap, school zone, rail road crossing and dangerous intersection detectors.








Why Retailers & Device Makers should offer PhantomALERT

Valuable content and applications will drive hardware sales. PhantomALERT immediately adds value and new features to devices. Your SmartPhone or PND can now save you from costly traffic tickets. The potential monetary savings alone encourages consumers to buy PNDs or upgrade their phones. First time ticket avoidance pays for device and service cost.
15 10 5
SmartPhone Sales PhantomALERT Subscription PND Sales

Revenue in Millions

0 2010 2011 2012 2013

Why Retailers & Device Makers should offer PhantomALERT

Subscription Plans PhantomALERT creates additional revenue by selling to the millions of installed PND and SmartPhone users already in the market. Low price point and recurring billing makes PhantomALERT affordable. Application works across multiple devises.
PND: Garmins, TomToms & Most Magellan's and others. SmartPhones: Android, iPhone

Annual Plan
MSRP $29.99 Your Cost $14.99 Your profit = $14.99

3 Year Plan
MSRP $49.99 Your Cost $24.99 Your profit = $29.99

Easy download and set up. Increased store & web traffic. Last but not least, PhantomALERT offers over 50% margin.

Why Retailers & Device Makers should offer PhantomALERT

Licensing agreements OEM data licensing opens new revenue source Applications or database can be licensed to and incorporated into digital maps. Target industries are:
PND manufacturers In-car navigation manufacturers SmartPhone manufacturers Wireless carriers

Per device By geographic area By POI attributes Volume licensing Usage based
Monthly/annual/ Three Years

Transportation industry (car rental, delivery fleets, etc.)

Last but not least, PhantomALERT offers over 50% margin.

Retail solution: How to sell PhantomALERT

Customers pick up SGA cards at retail stores near SmartPhones, PNDs or at gift card racks.
Or customers buy SGA cards from Customers pay for cards. Follow clear instructions. Scratch the back of cards to access pin numbers. Customers download apps and database to devices. Customers drive alert, ticket and accident free. Your sales increase. SGA Card

Why we are in business

Everyday over 150,000 tickets are issued to drivers in the US alone. More and more drivers are receiving tickets from red light and speed cameras. More and more cities are installing red light and speed cameras. 181 cities, 21 states, over 10,000+ red light and speed cameras in the USA alone. Increase in enforcement locations results in more citations. High ticket cost and points on drivers license.
E.g. California, $500/ticket plus two points.

Some cities using photo enforcement as a cash cow.

E.g. Washington DC, $300 million in revenue generated by cameras.

A challenging economy makes the high cost of traffic tickets extra pain full. Increase in accidents due distracted drivers, driving while using cell phones and texting .

Why we are in business

Helps drivers obey traffic laws and avoid costly traffic tickets. Arm the millions of PND and SmartPhone users with PhantomALERT database. PhantomALERT users receive timely and accurate alerts that keeps them focused, accident and ticket free. PhantomALERT keeps drivers from running red lights, speeding and driving dangerously.

How PhantomALERT Works

POI: data acquisition & verification

Drivers report enforcement & safety locations on our website.

Data is formatted & delivered to SmartPhone , PND, GPS end users as well as digital map makers.

Drivers verify the community generated data by rating for relevance and accuracy.

PhantomALERT staff audits & reverifies data for accuracy and relevance.

Watch how it works: Click here to watch YouTube video

In-house data audit & verification

POIs are sorted based on score given by drivers

POIs with low scores deleted everyday

POIs with missing data are corrected/edited

Database is formatted & delivered to licensee/PND user

Competitive comparison
PhantomALERTs enforcement and safety location database is the largest and the most accurate in the market.
Comparison Chart 1 Red light camera 2 Red light & speed camera 3 Speed camera 4 Fixed PhantomALERT data YES YES YES YES Other data suppliers YES YES YES YES

6 Speed traps 7 8 9 10 School Zone 11 Railroad crossing 12 Dangerous intersection 13 Dangerous curve 14 Police chekpoint (DUI)

Police car Motorcycle Construction



POI type Red light camera Red light & speed camera Speed camera Speed traps School Zone Railroad crossing Dangerous intersection Dangerous curve Police checkpoint (DUI) Speed bump

POI Count 4470 627 908 10818 251927 152,534 560 882 1580 377

User generated POI User verified POI In house audit and verification Updates automatic Scalability



Fresh data
Years in business Worldwide coverage Profitable



Media review
Device helps you dodge tickets legally Do you know where all the cameras are? PhantomALERT does it for you. KBOV New Mexico PhantomALERT is your savior KBOV Its giving drivers the heads up WTTG Finds the cameras before they find you Fox 5 PhantomALERT detected camera after camera Fox 5 GPS Device Can Steer You Away From A Ticket News 8 KFMB Fox San Diego PhantomALERT warns drivers with GPS to slow down near schools and red light cameras Fox 5 San Diego I recommend everyone get it Fox 5 San Diego GPS Application May Give Drivers An Edge Over The Law

Your GPS Sniffs out speed traps

Fox DC PhantomALERT levels the playing field

Police comments: 100% Legal & Safe

If the PhantomALERT notifications help people drive more safely, then police are not against the devices, said Montgomery county police spokesman Capt. "That'll be slowing traffic down, it'll be calming traffic and it'll be making the roads safer for everybody who's using them," Starks said. Montgomery County Police Chevy Chase Village also harbors no ill-will for Phantom Alert, even though the community gets revenue for pedestrian and public safety projects from its four Connecticut Avenue speed cameras. "We've never made a secret of where our cameras are in Chevy Chase Village," said Dr. Douglas Kamerow, chairman of the village's Board of Managers. "The idea is to get people to slow down, so I don't have any problem with them." Chevy Chase Village Police I like PhantomALERT. Its a great program. VA Beach Police

PhantomALERT is completely legal.

Virginia Police Police did not have a problem with PhantomALERT Maryland, MD Police
Watch police comments video: Click here YouTube video

Customer testimonials
I am using PhantomALERT with my Garmin GPS unit and have been very satisfied with the results. Its especially helpful when I travel outside my home territory on roads that Im not familiar with. Thanks again for your help.
William G, Arizona Device: Garmin

First, I am really enjoying my PhantomALERT on my new Garmin. Thanks! I make a note when I dont see the red light camera I am being warned about so I can verify its location when I return to my home. Then I print out the image so next time I pass that intersection I can look more closely. Again, thanks!
Ken K., Oakton, VA Device: Garmin

I drive a truck and I use it all the time. Very, very nice. This is one app I will keep on my phone. I thank u - kick a.. app bye.
Odysseus H. Device: Android app user + GPS Los Angeles, CA
Watch customer testimonial video: Click here YouTube video

Market Trend: growth in PND and SmartPhone sales








Source: GPS Business News, LBS Market Research from Berg Insight

Market Trend: growth in content & application sales

PND shipments reached 47 million units in 2009. PND market continues to show signs of growth and evolution with connected devices worldwide. PND and SmartPhone add-on markets are untapped opportunity. SmartPhones with GPS capability will be used by 100 million users by 2013 Apps help SmartPhone users with everyday tasks making their lives easier. SmartPhone app stores generates 6.3 million downloads per day. 50 million consumers own compatible devices. 2 billion apps downloaded to date. $30 million/month in sales.

Source: GPS Business News, LBS Market Research from Berg Insight

Market Trend: growth in PND and SmartPhone sales

SmartPhone sales up 41.1 percent over 2008 to 53.8 million units. For all of 2009, SmartPhone sales were up 23.8 percent. SmartPhone app downloads to triple by 2014. One platform, you will dominate the next decade, leveraging low-cost downloadable safety locations based apps. Free maps and turn by turn from Nokia and Google will drive the need for new revenue streams for PND manufacturers- Apps are part of the solution! OEM manufacturers looking for competitive advantage for their in-car systems PND and SmartPhone manufacturers looking for location based apps to compete with apple Owners of the tens of millions of PND GPS devices SmartPhone users with installed GPS and turn by turn nav Emerging SmartPhone location based application developers Online portals like Yahoo or Mapquest looking to break into the safety location POI market
Source: GPS Business News, LBS Market Research from Berg Insight

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