.The first Coca-Cola recipe was invented in Columbus. Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in stores. Georgia at a drugstore by John Pemberton. restaurants and vending machine worldwide. originally as a coca wine called Pemberton's French Wine Coca in 1885. The Coca-Cola company claims that it is sold in over 200 countries.


Type Soda Alcohol Manufacturer Country of Origin Germany Introduced Variants • • • • • • Coca-Cola company 1961 Diet Sprite Zero Mint flavored Sprite Sprite Blue Sprite 3G Sprite Remix Ice Sprite(Canada) .

This one was made to rival Red Bull. a Sprite baby. . caffeine from Green coffee beans. it had Glucose. The advantage for it had a "new addition to the Sprite family".


2007.The Coca Cola Company introduced the highly acclaimed brand“Sprite” with the new one “Sprite 3G” in June 30th. . They launch it at that time when the company was facing a tough competition in the local market.

Sprite 3G involves 2 flavor like the lemon-and-lime flavor mixed in the original Sprite but with the addition of three ingredients designed to revitalize consumers. Slogan • “HITS HARD” . The 3 Gs • • • Glucose Guarani Green coffee bean-derived caffeine.

Dew Energy drinks Juices Local drinks .


Ho: « Why Sprite 3G fail to capture the high market share? » .

• • • • • Taste Sales Promotion (Advertisement) Availability Packaging Color .

3. . To identify attitudes towards sprite3G and competing brands. To determine promotional platform that may be used for launching the product. 2.1. To examine the behaviors towards usage of sprite 3G.


Data Collection Methods  Survey Research Measurement Techniques  Questionnaire .

• Population: Rahim Yar khan • Sample Frame: IUB (Liaquat campus. Jinah campus) Khawaja Fareed Collage Jugnoo Chowk Telenore frenchise • Sampling Method: non probability sampling method • Sample Size: 20 .


•Do you like soft drinks? .

•When did you purchase Sprite 3G last time? .

•How do you find the taste of Sprite 3G? .

•Sprite 3G taste make you adventures? .

•Sprite 3G taste to me is? .

•Do you think there is need of Improvement in the taste of Sprite 3G? .

•Which type of Media you Prefer more? .

•Have you ever seen the advertisement of Sprite 3G? .

•Do you think its advertisement make you exsited or adventurous? .

•Is it easily available at shop next to your home? .

•Is it easily available at shop next to your home? .

In your opinion who io the biggest competitor of Sprite 3G? .

•Are you satisfied with the packaging of Sprite 3G? .

•I like to see Sprite 3G in? .

The main factors which are affecting the sale of sprite 3G are •Taste •Availability •Color .Result From our research we concluded that this drink is mostly purchased by people belonging to 18-25 age group.

•80% of the customers feel easy to purchase It from nearby shop.Conclusion • According to customers there is lots of room is left to make the taste Excellent. 50% of customers like to see Sprite 3G in green color & 30% in Blue. . • 60% of customers says that Spruite 3G advertisemen make them Adventourous & 15% of them are strongly disagree with its advertisement.95% customers says that Sprite 3G must change its taste. •Packaging Is good •Color not appriciat by Customers.

Reccomendations •Penetration of sprite 3G so that it appeals the bottom of the pyramid consumers •Must improve its Taste •Company should have to focus on its Distribution Channel •Company reconsider its Product Color •Company must do some adventourous activitis in the Pakistan by organizing adventouours shows •Come out innovative promotions that best fits the region may be event sponsorship in small scale for villages. .


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